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Catch a Wavelet
Catch a Wavelet (CAW) is EPFL's wavelet interest group. Meetings consist of informal presentations on wavelets and related topics followed by group discussions. This year, we alternate between invited presentations by international wavelet authorities and contributed presentations by EPFL researchers. The seminars are open to anyone interested in learning more about wavelets, regardless of their own field of specialization. CAW's meetings are a cross-fertilization platform among different research fields, wavelets being the common denominator. The CAW meetings are also the right place to meet wavelet enthusiasts/gurus and bug them with all the questions you may have on this fascinating subject.
The meetings will take place every two weeks on Thursday at 17:00, click on the topic to see the location for each date. Warning: this program might be subject to changes.
Next Sessions
16 March 2006 AAC006 17:00 Michael Liebling, California Institute of Technology (Pasadena (CA), USA) Dynamic Imaging of Cyclically Moving Embryonic Structures: Combining Fast Confocal Microscopes and Wavelet-Based Reconstruction Techniques
23 March 2006 AAC006 17:00 Minh N. Do, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign, USA) Signal Reconstruction from Limited Number of Measurements: Theory and Algorithms
30 March 2006 AAC006 17:00 Nick Kingsbury, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK) Shift and Rotation Invariant Image Parameters derived from Complex Wavelets
13 April 2006 AAC006 17:00 Jean-Christophe Pesquet, Université de Marne la Vallée (Marne la Vallée France) Some new results about dual-tree wavelet decompositions
20 April 2006 AAC006 17:00 Patrice Abry, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (Lyon, France) Multifractal analysis at work: The wavelet leaders contribution
27 April 2006 AAC006 17:00 Jalal Fadili, ENSI Caen (Caen, France) Sparse representations and statistical analysis of functional magnetic resonance images of the human brain
4 May 2006 AAC006 17:00 Brigitte Forster-Heinlein, TU München (München, Germany) Approaches to complex splines
11 May 2006 AAC006 16:00 Maria Skopina, Saint Petersburg University (Saint Petersburg, Russia) Multivariate wavelets with vanishing moments
11 May 2006 AAC006 17:00 Pier Luigi Dragotti, Imperial College (London, UK) Sampling Moments and Reconstructing Signals with Finite Rate of Innovation: Shannon meets Strang-Fix
1 June 2006 AAC006 17:00 Jacques Froment, Université de Bretagne Sud (Vannes, France) Constrained Total Variation Minimization for Solving Ill-posed Inverse Problems in Fourier or Wavelet Domains.
8 June 2006 AAC006 17:00 Gabriel Peyré, Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau, France) Multiscale Geometry for Images and Textures
15 June 2006 AAC006 17:00 Mario Figueiredo, Instituto Superior Tecnico (Lisboa, Portugal) Using Wavelet-Based Priors for Image Segmentation
22 June 2006 AAC006 17:00 Christophe Rabut, INSA (Toulouse, France) Polyharmonic (pre-)wavelets
Past Sessions
June 24, 2004 CO-015 17:15 Dr. Bruno Torresani, Université de Provence, Marseille, France Hybrid waveform audio models
June 28, 2004 BM5.202 11:15 Prof. G.V.Anand, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Nonlinear signal processing techniques for direction-of-arrival estimation
March 11, 2004 CO-015 17:15 Michael Liebling, BIG Autofocusing in digital holography via sparse image representations
March 25, 2004 CO-015 17:15 Jean-Luc Starck, CEA, Centre de Saclay, France Image Processing by The Curvelet Transform
April 8, 2004 CO-015 17:15 Rahul Shukla, LCAV Do wavelets really provide correct answers in two dimensions?
April 15, 2004 CM-201 17:15 Prof. Dr. Peter Maass, University Of Bremen, Germany A mathematical comparison of different concepts for image denoising
April 22, 2004 CO-015 17:15 Dr. Pier Luigi Dragotti, Imperial College, London, UK Resolution enhancement and sampling with wavelets and footprints
May 13, 2004 CM-106 16:15 Muthuvel Arigovindan, BIG Regularized image reconstruction in multiresolution spaces from non-uniform samples
May 27, 2004 CO-015 16:15 Vladan Velisavljevic, LCAV How to Exploit Directional Features in Images
June 10, 2004 CO-015 17:15 Dr. Patrick Flandrin, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France Some aspects of Huang's Empirical Mode Decomposition, from interpretation to applications
If you would like to contribute by giving a seminar you may contact ildar.khalidov AT epfl.ch or ivana.jovanovic AT epfl.ch. Suitable topics include (but are not limited to):
bullet wavelet design and theory
bullet application of wavelets and multiresolution algorithms in engineering, mathematics and physics
bullet wavelets in image and signal processing, compression, visualization, noise reduction, texture analysis and segmentation, biomedical imaging, feature extraction and detection etc...
bullet wavelets applied to [add your favourite subject here].
The talks are usually held in english. All speakers are strongly encouraged to give tutorial-level presentations for these meetings to attain their cross-fertilizing objective.
Contact and mailing list
This year's catch a wavelet organizers are Ildar Khalidov, Biomedical Imaging Group and Ivana Jovanovic, Audiovisual Communications Laboratory. To stay informed about CAW's activities and receive the seminar announcements send an email to ildar.khalidov AT epfl.ch.
The CAW meetings were born after a group of wavelet enthusiasts at EPFL had attended a stimulating workshop in Monte Verita, Switzerland in September 1998 (Wavelet Application Workshop (WAW)). Past organizers of these meetings were Pina Marziliano (1998-99), Minh Do and Arrate Muñoz (2000), Minh Do, Pierre Vandergheynst and Arrate Muñoz (2001), Michael Liebling (2003). The abstracts of all past seminars are available.