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iPhone Apps Demonstrations

iMondrian Sparse Stochastic Processes

Ricard Delgado, 2011

This app generates artistic representations of Mondrian processes. These processes are named after Piet Mondrian (1872-1944), a great figure in the neoplasticism style known for his grid-based paintings.

Filter Creator

Michael Rusterholz, 2012

Filter Creator helps you to better understand the mathematics of discrete and continuous audio filters and is particularly aimed at students of signal processing classes.


If Java is not already installed on your machine your have to visit the Java website and install Java before to run our Java Applet.

Imaging Web Demonstration

Student Demos

Demonstrations designed by students working in our group.

Drop Shape Analysis
Aurélien Stalder
3D Deconvolution in Optical Microscopy
Pierre Besson
Denoising of Fractal-like images using Polyharmonic B-splines
Alex Prudencio
Filtering in Fourier Domain
Joy Anushini Ariarajah
Edge detection with a sub-pixel precision
Nicolas Pavillon
Complex Fractional Splines Wavelet
Florian Luisier
Virtual Microscope
Christophe Magnard
Diffusion Enhancing Methods
Alwyn Fernandes
Continuous Wavelet Transform using Splines
Raphaël Ertle
Watershed by flooding
Daniel Stadelmann
Non Linear Diffusion Filtering
Laurent Vieira De Mello
Interpolation on Affine Transformation
Raphaël Marthe

Teaching Demos

Demonstrations illustrating some of the techniques described in the Image Processing course.

Edge Detection
Detects edges in an image.
Compares several gradient algorithms.
Basis functions of the FFT, DCT and Haar Wavelet Transform
Local Normalization
Applies a local normalization to an image based on smooth operators.
Morphology Operators
Basic operators of morphology in binary and gray level images.
Smoothing Techniques
Compares several methods to smooth an image.
Template Matching>
Convoles an image with a 3*3 mask to edge detection or with a template model to identity pattern.

Research Demos

Demonstrations showing some of our recent research results in biomedical image processing.

SURE-LET Wavelet Denoising (in color or in grayscale)
A new approach to color or grayscale image denoising.
Variational Levelset Spline
New formulation of level-set modeling the implicit as a continuous parametric function expressed on a B-spline basis.
Steerable Feature Detection
General approach for the design of 2-D feature detectors.
Extended Depth of Field using the Wavelet Transform
Download a program to perform an extended depth of focus of z-stack images to obtain in focus image.
A novel spline family for hexagonal lattices.
Fractional Splines Wavelets
New wavelet bases with a continuously-varying order parameter and ontinuously-varying order and shift parameters.
Shifted Linear Interpolation
A new method for improving the quality linear interpolation, without any additional cost.
Computerized Tomography
Simulates the computerized tomography (Radon transform) and performs the reconstruction (filtered backprojection).
Comparison of interpolators
Compares the standard interpolation functions with the ones developped by the BIG.
Fractional Quincunx Wavelets
Shows the quincunx transform using filters of fractional order.
The optimal algorithm to resize images.
Spline Warping of our staff
Bidirectional landmark warping of our staff.