Computerized Tomography
Instruction to use the applet
  1. Choose an input image in the list.
  2. Choose the parameters.
  3. Press on "Run All steps" button to run all the steps or successively on the "Radon", "Filter",and "Reconst." buttons to process step by step
Toolbar in the image display
Get the coordinates and value of a pixel.
Get the maximum, minimum and the mean value of the image.
Open a new window containing the image.
Zoom out by a factor 2.
(N/A on Netscape)
Zoom in by a factor 2.
(N/A on Netscape)
Move the zoomed part of the image. (N/A on Netscape)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Lausanne, Switzerland
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Michael Liebling
14 November 2001