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Fractional Wavelet Demo (I)
NEW : You can upload your own image into the applet.
Choose your image file and click on the button "Start the Applet Demonstration".
The applet accepts GIF or JPEG 256*256 pixels image (max size 1 Mb).

Instruction to use the applet
  1. Choose an input image in the list.
  2. Choose a type of filter.
  3. Choose an order ]-0.5..10].
  4. Press on "Direct Transform" button to decompose one level down.
  5. Press on "Inverse Transform" button to reconstruct one level up.
Toolbar in the image display
pointer_on Get the coordinates and value of a pixel.
info_on Get the maximum, minimum and the mean value of the image.
frame Open a new window containing the image.
zoomin_on Zoom out by a factor 2.
(N/A on Netscape)
zoomout_on Zoom in by a factor 2. (N/A on Netscape)
move Move the zoomed part of the image. (N/A on Netscape)