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How to

I propose here to share some tips related with my work.

MAC-related tips

Here are some tips that can help you to survive in the painful world of MacOs X.

Take advantage of your multiple cores? (obsolete since version R2009a of Matlab)

The answer proposed here speeds up the FFT of matlab thanks to multithreading. It permits a 4x speedup on my 8 cores machine.

    First install the FFTw libraries
  1. Visit FFTW website and download the latest stable source code.
  2. Unarchive the file and go with the terminal to the corresponding folder
  3. In the terminal type: sh ./configure to configure for your system. You can have a coffee break, that takes a while.
  4. Typing make will compile the code.
  5. Typing make install installs the code on your machine.

    Second get the adapted code for matlab
  1. Download the code proposed by Jerome Genest and unarchive it.
  2. In the file 'FFTmt.cpp' modify the line "#define numCPU 8" according to the number of CPU on your machine.
  3. Launch matlab and go to the corresponding directory.
  4. Run testFFTmt in your matlab prompt and see the gain on your machine.

Note: as the author mentions a single fft will not be accelerated by this code (cannot launch several threads in parallel).

Automatically mount volumes at login? (thanks Pouya!)

  1. Open this file in the Script Editor application; modify to taste.
  2. Save as an Application (under File Format). Under Options, check that only "Run Only" is selected.
  3. Add the created application to your login items (System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login Items).
  4. You may choose to save username/password combinations to your key chain for added convenience.

Convert several eps files to pdf in a single and simple command line?

Open the Terminal, go to the appropriate directory and type: for file in *.eps; do epstopdf $file; done .

Convert files encoded in MAC ROMAN into standard UTF8? (thanks Pouya again!)

Open the Terminal, go to the appropriate directory and type: iconv -f MAC -t UTF-8 weird_file > weird_file.utf8 .

PHP-powered webpages

Daniel made me discover this useful tool. I propose here some examples to use the functions he made.

write a BIG-style webpage?

The BIG website provides some PHP macros for the header, the left menu and the footer. They are very usefull because if the webmaster wants to change something in the whole website (e.g. a nem entry in the menu), he just has to change the concerned macro and the changes will be applied to every page calling it. The footer is also very usefull because providing automatically the last update display.

As an example you can find the code of this page here. For futher details about PHP, let's cite this excellent website

easily write a BIG-style homepage?

I wrote my personal page using some PHP features.

You can use and modify it easily for your home page. The code is here.

write a semester project webpage?

This is an example of a semester project webpage.

You can use and modify it easily for your's. The code is here.

LaTeX macros

I'm fond of LaTeX macros, you can find here the one's I often use

macros for a report

Maybe you can find something helpfull in this stuff.

Beamer-theme inspired from BIG presentations

Probably because I am a GNU/Linux extremist, I prefer not to use PowerPoint. I also don't want to use the pretty soft Keynote, because it is only available on MacOs.

On the opposite, I use to write my proofs and mathematical stuff in LaTeX. For all these reasons I wrote a Beamer theme inspired from the presentations of the group. In respect with common usage this file should be called "beamerthemeLausanne.sty". But it probably needs some improvements...

Here is the code of a presentation using it.

Class for my curriculum

I wrote a LaTeX class for my CV. It has been inspired from the europe cv class.

This class can be found here. The code of my CV can be an illustration.

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