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Post-Doc. at EPFL in Machine Learning Methods for Biomedical Image Reconstruction [June 2019]

A post-doc. position recently opened at the Biomedical Imaging Group (M. Unser, Prof.), École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland.

The research will involve a tight interaction between engineering (signal processing, imaging, machine learning) and biomedical applications (computational algorithms for CT/MR/PET image reconstruction). The ideal profile for the position entails

  • an established research record with a solid track of publications;
  • the ability to work fairly independently;
  • a strong background in machine learning;
  • hands-on experience with biomedical image analysis and inverse problems;
  • a real desire to collaborate/help in supervising Ph.D. students;
  • proficiency in Matlab, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Python, Java, Ansi-C.

The working conditions at EPFL are excellent. There is enough time with the project to really go in depth and to develop a solid research-oriented résumé.

Applicants should send reference letters and their detailed CV with publication record to big@epfl.ch.