News / Site history

01.05.04 This site was frozen and will no longer be maintained. My up to date webpages are now hosted at Caltech.

02.04.04 Ph.D. Dissertation abstract is online. Updated the personal info and research page.

The public defense of my PhD thesis will take place on
Wednesday, April 21, 2004, 17 h 15 in Room CM 3 (Centre Midi) at EPFL.

04.03.04 Some stuff added here and there.

11.11.03 New preprint is available. I have updated a couple of stale links.

02.07.03 A couple of new preprints are available.

24.03.03 It's printed: our paper on Fresnelet bases!

10.03.03 The program of this year's Catch a Wavelet seminars is online. Catch a Wavelet is EPFL's wavelet interest group.

17.02.03 I have been invited to give a talk at the 2nd Korean-Swiss Workshop on Novel Coherence-Based Radiology Techniques on the Island of Jeju, Korea, 19-22 February 2003. Related material can be found here: abstract, related papers, demo.

11.10.02 Our paper on Fresnelets is scheduled to appear in the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. Get a preprint here!

27.09.02 Changed and added some pictures. Removed and added some typos.

23.07.02 I have moved to a new apartment, update your address books and PDAs!

21.06.02 I have updated the teaching page for the latest solutions to the exercises. Go!

15.05.02 Our paper on computerized tomography was published in the April issue of the Transactions on Medical Imaging. Check it out here!
Our proceedings paper of the ISBI'02 conference is now available (digital holography). Check it out here!

16.04.02 Added support for old browsers (Netscape 4.x).

22.03.02 Added the Mac OS X Applescript windupli to the programming section. It duplicates the current finder window. Added a page for the optics course.

28.02.02 Welcome! On these pages, you will find informations on me, mainly my work but also my hobbies. For any comment please contact me.

Have fun! -- M. Liebling

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