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Tagging the bioimaging informatics world

During 3 days, developers and analysts will gather in a room to develop a new community Webtool: a web platform that integrates all documentation, knowledge related to Open and Commercial BioImage Analysis Softwares and interrelates them in a way which will be comprehensive and accessible to the community.

The participants will concentrate on tagging pages, back linking literatures and adding documentation to each page. The original web-platform is being developed and prepared.

In this first taggathon we collect tags and annotation using temprary interface that still is a proto-prototype. During the taggathon we will also discuss on the ideal design of the prototype of web-platform.

See the motivations and details for this webtool here.

Guidelines for tagging:

Thomas R. Gruber, Toward Principles for the Design of Ontologies Used for Knowledge Sharing, Revision: August 23, 1993.