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Real-Time Haptic Nanomanipulation in Two and Three Dimensions

A.J. Kulik, P. Thévenaz, M. Jobin, R. Foschia, K. Lee, J. Lekki, M. Lekka, W. Nowak, E. Bertseva, M. Unser, G. Dietler

Proceedings of the Second European Nanomanipulation Workshop (ENW'11), Tartu, Estonia, June 6-8, 2011, pp. 21.

Nanomanipulators with haptic (force feedback) human interface must have relatively fast update rate (1-3 kHz) to provide usable interaction. This is challenging from a technical and conceptual point of view, yet we were able to implement such a system, using contact AFM. The direct interaction between an operator's hand and the AFM tip is great for education and understanding, while still allowing for interesting scientific experiments [1]. However, inherent AFM limitations such as the lack of a "pick and release" mechanism led us to design another real-time 3D nanomanipulator—this time, based on optical tweezers. We implemented real-time (1 kHz) measurements of 3x3 stiffness matrix of surrounding media. The first results from inside living cells were encouraging [2, 3].


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