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Random-Beam STEM Acquisition Method for Tomographic Reconstruction Based on Compressive Sensing

S. Trépout, L. Donati, M. Nilchian, M. Unser, S. Marco

Thirteenth International Conference on x-Ray Microscopy (XRM'16), Oxford, United Kingdom, August 15-19, 2016.

Scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) is nowadays becoming a powerful tool for electron tomography in biology. It allows the observation of thick (more than 700 nm) resin embedded samples [1] and is also valuable for cryo-electron tomography [2]. STEM is based on dot acquisition during a scanning process, which is well adapted to perform projection measurements by randomly scanning pixel subsets at every tilt view for tomography. This acquisition procedure, call random-beam STEM (RB-STEM) allows to reduce the electron radiation dosage required for accurate imaging of frozen-hydrated biological nano-structures and it is compatible with compressive sensing approaches [3]. Here we present a tomographic acquisition and reconstruction pipeline based on RB-STEM, fully exploiting compressive sensing principles. This pipeline opens the path for the development of optimized low-dose cryo-STEM tomography adapted for thick biological samples.


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