Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy  •  Software Benchmarking

Grand Challenge on 2D/3D SMLM software

The challenge has been presented at Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Symposium (SMLMS) at Lausanne, Switzerland, August 28-30, 2016. This edition will be focussed on 3D localization techniques, astigmatism, biplane, or double-helix.

The results are presented on the bioRxiv preprint server: Super-resolution fight club: A broad assessment of 2D & 3D single-molecule localization microscopy software Jul 5, 2018, doi.


Software Density 2D AS DH BP Plateform Open Access Run by Contact
3D-DAOSTORMLD+HDLD+HDLD+HDPython / COpen accessAuthorHazen Babcock
Harvard University (Zhuang group) Cambridge MA, USA
3D-STORM ToolsLD+HDOKOKQt frameworkProprietaryAuthorFabian Hauser
University of Upper Austria Linz, Austria
3D-WTMLD+HDOKOKOKOKStand-aloneAuthorShigeo Watanabe
Hamamatsu Photonics K.K., Japan
ADCGLD+HDOKJuliaOpen accessAuthorNicholas Boyd
University of Berkeley, USA
ALOHAHDOKMatlabAuthorJunhong Min and Kyong Jin
Bio-Imaging and Signal Processing Lab KAIST, Korea
B-recsLD+HDOKOKOKC / ImageJOpen accessAuthorHerve Rouault
Janelia Farm Research Campus HHMI, USA
CEL0-STORMHDOKMatlabLaterAuthorEmmanuel Soubies
INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France
CsplineLD+HDOKOKOKPython / COpen accessAuthorHazen Babcock
Harvard University (Zhuang group) Cambridge MA, USA
DECODEHDHDHDPython / TheanoOpen accessAuthorArtur Speiser
Neural System Analysis Caesar Bonn, Germany
Easy-DHPSFLD+HDOKMatlabOpen AccessAuthorAlex von Diezmann Camille Bayas and W. E. Moerner
Stanford University Department of Chemistry Stanford, USA
FALCONHDOKOKMatlabOpen accessAuthorJunhong Min and Jong Chul Ye
Bio-Imaging and Signal Processing Lab KAIST, Korea
FIRESTORMLD+HDOKMatlabAccess on requestAuthorThomas Vomhof and Jochen Reichel
Institute of Biophysics Ulm University, Germany
SFP Estimator (FGPA)LD+HDOKStand-alone (QT C++)Open-accessAuthorManfred Kirchgessner and Frederik Gruell
Heidelberg University, Germany
LEAPHDOKPythonOpen accessAuthorHanjie Pan
EPFL Lausanne, Swiss
L1HLD+HDOKPythonOpen accessAuthorHazen Babcock
Harvard University Cambridge MA, USA
LocalizerLDOKOKIgorOpen accessExpertDepartment of Chemistry University of Leuven, Belgium
MaLiangLDOKImageJOpen accessAuthorZhen-li Huang and Yujie Wang
Wuhan Laboratory for Optoelectronics HUST Wuhan, China
MIAToolLDOKOKOKOKJavaOpen accessAuthorR. Velmurugan A. V. Abraham and R. J. Ober
Texas A&M University College Station Texas, USA
mlePALMLD+HDOKOKMatlabAutthorLaboratory of Nanoscale Biology EPFL, Swiss
OctaneLD+HDOKImageJOpen accessExpertUniversity of Connecticut Health Center, USA
PALMERHDOKImageJOpen accessAuthorZhen-li Huang and Yi-na Wang
Wuhan Laboratory for Optoelectronics HUST Wuhan, China
PeakFitLD+HDOKImageJOpen accessAuthorAlex Herbert
Genome Damage and Stability Centre University of Sussex, UK
pSMLM-3DLD+HDOKOKImageJOpen accessAuthorKoen Martens and Johannes Hohlbein
Laboratory of Biophysics Wageningen University, NL
QC-STORMLD+HDOKOKOKImageJLaterAuthorLuchang Li
Wuhan National Laboratory, China
QuickPALMLDOKOKImageJOpen accessAuthorRicardo Henriques
Institut Pasteur Paris, France
RainSTORMLD+HDOKOKOKMatlabOpen accessAuthorG. Tamas and J. Sinko
University of Cambridge UK & University of Szeged, Hungary
RapidSTORMLD+HDOKOKStand-aloneOpen accessAuthorSteve Wolter Markus Sauer
Biotechnologie and Biophysik University of Wurzburg, Germany
SMAPLD+HDOKOKOKOKMatlabOpen accessAuthorYiming Li and Jonas Ries
EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
SMfitLD+HDOKJulia / PythonAuthorHayato Ikoma
Electrical Engineering Department Stanford University, USA
SMolPhotLD+HDOKOKPython / COpen accessAuthorMartti Pars and Ardi Loot
University of Tartu Institute of Physics, Estonia
SOLAR_STORMLD+HDOKMatlab / CAuthorYoon J. Jung and Nikta Fakhri
Fakri Lab MIT, USA
STORMChaserLD+HDOKMatlabAuthorAnna Archetti
Institute of Physics EPFL, Swiss
ThunderSTORMLD+HDOKOKOKImageJOpen accessAuthorMartin Ovesny Guy Hagen and Pavel Krizek
Charles University Prague, Czech
TVSTORMLD+HDOKOKMatlabAuthorJiaqing Huang
The Ohio State University Columbus OH, USA
WaveTracerLD+HDOKOKMetamorphCommercialAuthorAdel Kechkar and Jean-Baptiste Sibarita
University of Bordeaux and Institute for Neuroscience, France
WTMLD+HDOKStand-aloneAuthorShigeo Watanabe
Hamamatsu Photonics K.K., Japan

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