Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy  •  Software Benchmarking

Collection of reference datasets

The benchmarking of SMLM software package mainly relies on the usage of common reference datasets.


Tubulin Conj-AL647

Download all frames
sequence.tif [913.7 Mb]

Experimental sequence of 27'529 frames (128x128 pixels) with the parameters of acquisition.

The dataset consists in 27'529 frames of 128x128 pixels stored as stack TIFF in 16 bits.
Be aware that it is about 1Gb of data.

Example of reconstructed super-resolution image

Rendering image of QuickPALM

Download the complete image (1280x1280 pixels) in 16-bits

Rendering image of PeakSelector

Download the complete image (1280x1280 pixels) in 16-bits

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