Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy  •  Software Benchmarking

Collection of reference datasets

The benchmarking of SMLM software package mainly relies on the usage of common reference datasets, in particular synthetic datasets with known ground-truth.

Conditions of use These reference datasets are designed to be largely used by the developpers to validate software and by the users to check a software. Reference: Sage et al. Quantitative evaluation of software packages for SMLM, Nature Methods 12, 2015.


Tubulins • High Density

Datasets » Real Experimentation » Tubulins • Long Sequence

Download all frames [71.2 Mb]

Real dataset
Long sequence settings, 15000 frames
Courtesy of Nicolas Olivier, Debora Keller and Suliana Manley
Imaging conditions
Frame rate25fps
Image size64 x 64pixels
Number of frames15000frames
Wavelength fluorescence690nm
CCD amplifier1 count~2 photonsno gain
Numerical aperture (NA)1.3(oil immersion objective)
Dark camera signal100

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