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  • Challenge 2013 focussed on 2D, low and high density

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Benchmarking of SMLM Software

Comprehensive review of the single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM, PALM, STORM) software packages.
This benchmarking uses common reference datasets that simulates biological structures and image formation process. The evaluation of the software packages is performed with well-defined metrics to get an objective and quantitative assessment. The performance test is done be the developers themselves who participated to a challenge 2013 or to the challenge 2016.

Open Bio Image Alliance


This localization microscopy challenge goes hand in hand with the Open Bio Image Alliance (OBIA) mission. This consortium for bioimaging informatics aims at providing high-quality resources to biologists and at reinforcing the interactions between users and software developers.

Web site of OBIA:

Mission of OBIA

The primary mission of OBIA is:


Update of the challenge1 Sept. 2017

Thanh-an Pham has a talk at the SMLMS 2017 Symposium in London: Developments of the ongoing 3D SMLM software challenge.

Software 11 Jul. 2017

Update of the directory of SMLM software packages. 83 SMLM software are now identified and referred.

2nd round10 April 2017

From April 10 to May 10 a second round of the challenge is running. All the DH have be submitted with the new normalized datasets.

Participation1 August 2016

A large panel of software have submitted localization files to the challenge in all modalities.

Dataset (3D)6 May 2016

The first dataset is released. The same sample is simulated in 4 modalities: 2D, 3D-astigmatism, 3D-biplane, and 3D-double-helix.

New challenge 24 Aug. 2015

A new challenge will be held in August 2016. Send an email to be kept informed.

Publication 15 June 2015

Advanced online publication of the comparative results on the Nature Methods website.

Online challenge 11 July 2013

The ISBI Challenge is turned to a permanent online challenge.

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