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Research Interests

Michael Sühling's main research interests are into medical and biological image processing; he is especially interested in multiresolution processing, wavelets and motion analysis. He has been reviewer for the IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging and the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

Ph.D. Thesis

Echocardiogram from my heart
Echo of Michael Sühling's heart.
Echocardiography is widely used for the evaluation of ventricular heart function. However, regional wall motion abnormalities are mainly assessed qualitatively by visual inspection that depends highly on the investigators experience.
During his thesis, he is developing an automated method to detect and quantify regional ventricular malfunction from echocardiograms. In particular, the algorithm quantifies regional myocardial velocity as well as local wall thickening that are both important characteristics to evaluate ventricular contractility. Since echocardiograms suffer from low image quality and high noise content, the task is challenging and robustness has to be emphasized; this is mainly achieved by means of multiresolution analysis and an extensive use of splines. The developed «Multiscale Motion Mapping» algorithm—briefly called “Triple-M” Imaging—has been implemented in C with a graphical user interface written in Oberon. A more detailed description of the algorithm together with some in vitro and in vivo results can be found here.
The project is carried out in close collaboration with cardiologists at the Medical Intensive Care Unit at the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland. This ensures that the algorithm meets real clinical needs and makes it possible to validate it in clinical practice.

Together with Dr.med Christian Jansen, he received the Young Investigators' Award at the Euroecho 6 meeting, December 2002, Munich, Germany. In May 2003, Michael Sühling received the Menarini Prize for Echocardiography at the annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Cardiology in Lausanne.

A list of publications can be found here.

Student Projects

Besides his main research project, he is also interested in biological image analysis. He has been responsible for the following student projects:

Management of Technology

Beyond the pure research, Michael Sühling is also interested in management and innovation issues in today's modern, technology-based industry. To bridge the border between the laboratory and industry, he took part in the Ph.D. course "Technology, Innovation and Leadership" that was given by Prof. Bill George. Based on case studies of leading American and European high tech companies, the influence of innovation and technology strategies on the business was explored.

Michael Sühling took also part in the joined MBA/Ph.D. course "Revolution in the Life Sciences" at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lausanne. In an interdisciplinary team of Ph.D. and MBA students, the impact of the emerging biotechnology sector to today's industry such as "Big Pharma" was analyzed and discussed. As part of the program, a research project was conducted at the biotechnology company Serono, Geneva, Switzerland; the project focused on the analysis of Serono's research and development process.