Richard P. Feynman: The pleasure of finding things out (Google Videos)
Richard Wesley Hamming: You and your research


The Boyer Report: Reinventing Undergraduate Education: A Blueprint for America's Research Universities
The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
PowerPoint is Evil


La vie de bureau sur TSR

general bibliographic resources and online archives

ISO List of Title Word Abbreviations: online edition | description
Additional sources for title abbreviations
JSTOR, the scholarly journal archive
A front for the arXiv
The DjVu format | the wonderful (and free) Any2DjVu online conversion service (with English OCR)


Kolmogorov's Foundations of the Theory of Probability
D.H. Fremlin's treatise on measure theory
Biographies of mathematicians | Photographs of mathematicians, and of physicists
The Online Encyclopaedia of Mathematics (Springer) | PlanetMath | Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics (Google Books)
Matrix Reference Manual
The Mathematical Atlas
Mathematics Pronunciation Guide
bibliographies/reviews: MathSciNet (subscription-based) | ZMATH (free)
Russian/Soviet mathematical papers (free access to the originals and links to translations) | NUMDAM: open-access archive of French mathematical papers
Archives de l'Association des Collaborateurs de Nicolas Bourbaki
TeXify/deTeXify (unrelated services) | The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List
sci.math | The NA-Net


Richard Feynman: The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures (quantum electrodynamics for the layman)

"serious" stuff

How to write a scientific paper
reprobatio certa hora incerta[NEW]
Some common techniques of proof
The mathematical theory of big game hunting
How to prove that all odd numbers are prime
Chicken chicken chicken [pdf]; video
How to become an IEEE author (thanks to Cédric Vonesch)
The case of the 500-mile email
A guide to grading exams


Real Programmers Don't Use PASCAL
The Story of Mel
Rob Pike's Notes on Programming in C
Frank Rubin: "GOTO Considered Harmful" Considered Harmful [pdf]
csh programming considered harmful
Ed is the standard text editor.
The Jargon File
Numerical: netlib | lp_solve (free mixed integer LP solver) | free linear algebra software


"Of course it runs NetBSD"
pkgsrc | The pkgsrc guide | pkgsrc.se
Tracking NetBSD-current
NetBSD kernel documentation

news and analysis

BBC News
The Independent: Comment
The Guardian: Comment & Debate
The Economist
Big Money Chart


Daniel Barenboim: In the Beginning was Sound (BBC Reith Lectures 2006)
Radio Swiss Classic | BBC Radio 3 Classical

online libraries, catalogues, and book search engines

Project GutenbergPG Australia
Google Books

Persian language resources

Dehkhoda's and Mo'in's dictionaries (searchable)
Dehkhoda's Dictionary (alternative version) (searchable)
Classical Persian poetry (searchable)
Computer analysis of Persian grammar
Persian fonts for Mac OS X, X11 (*BSD and Linux), and Windows


Latin for Mountain Men
The Web Accessibility Initiative
World Community Grid
One Laptop per Child

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