imra is a package providing an implementation of de Boor-Ron filtering (Tafti & al., 2006) for the following toy problem:

Two sets, P0 and P1, of polygonal subdomains on the plane are given. Also given are the values corresponding to the averages of a scalar-valued function f of two variables, over the polygons in P0. A link is established between the sets P0 and P1 by identifying, for each polygon p in P1, a subset P0p of P0 as the set of its neighbours.

With the above inputs, the programme assigns new values to each polygon p in P1, by first finding the de Boor-Ron polynomial that has the same averages as f over the neighbours of p (i.e. the polygons in P0p), and then resampling this polynomial by averaging it over p.

The actual task of finding the de Boor-Ron interpolant is performed by T.A. Grandine's MVP package, available from the netlib software repository. MVP itself depends on LAPACK. Brief installation instructions (including those for MVP and LAPACK) are provided in the included README file.


imra.tar.gz (*NIX distribution, 9KiB)

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