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Conditions:The projects are reserved for EPFL students or students of mobility program.

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Number of projects:5

Two dimensional SIM reconstruction from 4 images

Christophe Muller
Master Semester Project: Winter 2018

Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM) allows us to improve the resolution of classical wide-field imaging systems by moving high-frequency components into the observable microscope region. When dealing with 2D data, one generally requires 9 patterned images to reconstruct a super resolved image. Reducing this number of images is essential in order to improve temporal resolution of the system. The first part of this project will consist in showing properly that 4 patterned images are in fact sufficient to reconstruct a super resolved image (consistent system of equations). Based on this analysis, the second part of the project will be devoted to the development of a direct algorithm (non-iterative) requiring only 4 input images.


Image analysis plugin to monitor the growth of lithium particles in TEM images (INE lab, Tileli Vasiliki)

Hugo Vuillet
Master Semester Project: Winter 2018

The instability of lithium growth during battery recharging leads to the formation of the solid-electrolyte interphase (SEI) that ultimately degrades the performance and lifetime of lithium ion batteries. Operando monitoring of the nucleation, growth and stripping of Li during electrodeposition (shown in the image) and the effect of the substrate on the kinetic and thermodynamic mechanisms will be explored by means of tracking their evolution from sequences of images in transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The goal of this project is to design image-analysis algorithms that extract information of the surface area and circularity of Li particles as a function of time and voltage. The algorithmic framework will be implemented in Java as an ImageJ/Fiji plugin. It will include a user interface and permit automatic processing of the large TEM datasets. The student will work in close collaboration with the laboratory of Prof. Vasiliki Tileli ( throughout the project.


Color Thread-Toning

Icíar Lloréns Jover
Master Semester Project: Winter 2018

Inspired by the string art of Petros Vrellis, we propose to develop a digital thread-toning algorithm for color images. The process of representing an image with thousands of threads has fascinating connections with both classical image processing techniques such as half-toning and dithering and medical imaging devices such as PET. It also provides an excellent algorithmic and artistic playground: the code for greyscale images can be written in a day, but achieving high-quality results in a reasonable time is a challenge. Several approaches to thread-toning exist in the literature, but the problem is less-well studied for color images, where we believe the connections to color printing theory will be valuable.


Improving depth-of-field by deconvolution

Master Semester Project: Winter 2018


Monitoring plant phenotyping by time-lapse video

Arthur Benzaquin
Master Semester Project: Winter 2018


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