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Student Project: Olivier Balagué
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Granulométrie des vésicules lipidiques par snakuscules

Olivier BalaguéSemester project
Section Microtechnique, EPFLFebruary 2007



The aim of this project, made in collaboration with the LMBM of he Life Sciences faculty, is to detect and to get information about the number, the surface and the size of lipid vesicles on optical microscopy images of histological cuts. This task is carried out by active contours called snakuscules. The final product is a plug-in working with the free image processing software ImageJ. This plug-in first converts the images from RGB to gray-level, performs various Gaussian filterings, detects the local maxima and positions snakuscules that are then optimized. The final post-processing step manages conflicts between superimposed snakuscules by killing the one with higher energy. • 11.08.2022