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Deconvolution in biomicroscopy on Icy

Charlotte Juillard
Semester Project

Section of Communication Systems, EPFL

July 2014



The purpose of this project was to develop a plug-in for the deconvolution on the ICY platform. It was mostly to integrate an existing plug-in, DeconvolutionLab, working with ImageJ to this platform. The deconvolution is a method for improving the quality of an image taken with a microscope. It's all about trying to find the original image that has been corrupted during its acquisition using its PSF. The first step of this project was to become familiar with the ICY environment and understand more deeply the principle of deconvolution. Then I try to integrate the DeconvolutionLab's algorithm in the new plug-in environment while implementing the user interface side of ICY. In the end, this plug-in takes as input a 3D image and a PSF, allows the user to select between eight deconvolution's algorithms and returns the 3D image deconvolved! For example, you can see in figure 1 a 3D image after its acquisition and in figure 2 the same image deconvolved with the Landweber algorithm.

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