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Student Project: Isik Karahanoglu
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Design of a new heart phantom for cardiac MRI simulations

Isik KarahanogluSemester Project
Communication Systems section, EPFLJanuary 2009



Magnetic Resonance Imaging offers challenging image reconstruction problems. Nowadays, the goal is to reduce the acquisition scan-time for a given quality of reconstruction. The applications are for instance cardiac dynamic MRI, where a 2 or 3-D image of the heart is acquired trought time.

Sophisticated algorithms for reconstruction are developped, that need simulation phantom for first validation.

The idea of this project was to design a software phantom for cardiac MRI. We studied the 2-D static case, building a phantom, inspired from NCAT, that is parametrized by ellipses and polygons. The design allows to analytically compute the measurements from the continuous physical model.

We extended the technique to non-homogeneous receiving coil, which allows to simulate parallel MRI experiments.

The outlook would be to extend this software phantom to 3-D and integrate a motion model for dynamic simulations.

representation of simulated phantoms

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