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Extended depth of focus by image fusion based on the wavelet transform with 3D visualization

Niels Quack
Section Microtechnique, EPFL

Semester project
June 2004

Microscopes offer a limited depth of focus, which inhibits a simultaneous in focus observation of a three-dimensional object. The wavelet decomposition has become an attractive tool for fusing multi focus microscopy images. These fusion algorithms deliver one composite image unifying all in focus information as well as a height map containing the topological information of the object. The exploration of additional consistency verification procedures allowed improvement of an existing algorithm based on the orthogonal wavelet transform. Secondly, an algorithm using the redundant wavelet transform for multi focus image fusion was implemented. Reasoning on the resulting height map, novel fusion schemes are proposed for this algorithm. The third contribution of this project is the use of the topology information stored in the height map for an interactive three-dimensional representation of the composite image.

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Figure 1. Redundant Map Based Average Value Merging. The centre are gives still rise to selection problems, though the outer areas appear well in focus.

Figure 2. The corresponding height map shows smaller local variations that allow to keep local height information. Some of the changes seem too abrupt.