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Student Project: Yves Ramseier
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Characterisation of motion in a sequence of echocardiographic images

Yves RamseierSemester project
Section Microtechnique, EPFLJune 1999



This project aims to determine the movement in a echocardiographic sequence by image processing methods.

In the first part of the report, the methodology is detailed. The mathematics relations that constitute the basement of the process are enumerated and the way to determine the speed of every little window of a digital image is explained. The kind of image we deal with are 2D echocardiography with the time as x coordinate as showed in figure 1.


Fig. 1 2D echocardiography

Then, in the second part, we propose two different original algorithms providing the results showed in the figure 2.


Fig. 2 2D echocardiography with the movement showed with the red arrows


We have represented the speed by displaying a vector in the middle part of each little window considerated. The vector points in the direction of the movement and its norm is proportional to the value of the speed in this point.

The last part starts by comparing the results provided by the two different algorithms. Then the future of the project is discussed and it finishes with a conclusion. • 11.08.2022