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A versatile tool for 3D wavelet processing

Avo Rasolondraibe
Section Microtechnique, EPFL

Diploma project
July 2004

Wavelets provide a very useful multi-resolution decomposition of data that has many applications in image processing. Our laboratory has developed a plug-in for ImageJ for 3D wavelet analysis/synthesis. In its current version, the plug-in contains some simple explanatory 3D wavelet processing algorithms. However, 3D wavelet processing brings up the demand for an easy-to-use interface to allow a flexible interaction with the user.
The goal of this project is write a versatile ImageJ plug-in for the processing of 3D wavelet coefficients. First, a general wireframe representation of a general 3D wavelet decomposition needs to be constructed. Next, more options can be added such as coloring, selecting the subband in front by clicking with the mouse, 3D rotation of the representation, axes indicating units,...
This tool can be directly applied for visualizing the 'contents' of 3D subbands and allowing the selection of 3D subbands in an easy way. The envisioned plug-in should be very useful for image processing in medicine and biology. The running example through this project will be a biological experiment where certain "activations" due to a fluorescent marker need to be detected and measured.
Programming experience or a highly motivated interest in Java is required. This project will deal with programming graphical user interfaces and visualization (i.e., the use of OpenGL).