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Fractal analysis of 3D human skin data

Patrick Schoeneich
Section Microtechnique, EPFL

Semester project
June 2006

The goal of this project is to measure the fractal dimension of 3D images of the human skin (on the corner of the eye). This gives a roughness measure of the skin. It allows then to see the evolution of the roughness over a period of time, to evaluate the effect of a moistening cream. The fractal dimension is estimated by calculating the 2D variogram of the image. The dimension is proportional to the slope of the variogram in a log-log graph. It can be evaluated with respect to the orientation. Measures show that the fractal dimension depends on the direction, and that the fractal dimension of skin under a moistening cream treatment tends to reduce over time. Moreover, significant difference of the fractal dimension is measured between young and old skin. .