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Analysis of the Myocardial Wall Thickness Using Snakes

Leos Urbanek
Section Microtechnique, EPFL

Semester project
June 2006

The task of this semester work was to develop an ImageJ PlugIn that enables an analysis of the wall thickness of the myocardium on MRI image sequences.
Hereby, a new snake with defined shape is used that significantly reduces the number of variables and thus facilitates the optimization of the snake. The myocardium is therefore modeled by two non-concentric circles. The energy function that is used to find the best placement of the circles contains different terms, such as contrast terms or uniformity terms. The PlugIn lets the user initialize the snake on the first frame. For the following frames, initialization is based on the previous results.
We analyse the wall thickness by evaluating it in function of angle and time.

Fig 1. Approximation of the myocardium by two circles

Fig 2. Wall thickness in function of the measuring direction