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Identi cation of Point Spread Function aberrations using genetic algorithms

Jérémy Zogg
Semester Master Project

Microengineering section, EPFL

June 2011



This semester project takes place in the Biomedical Imaging Group (BIG), a laboratory of EPFL. Many projects in this laboratory deal with processing methods that are used after the image acquisition to improve the quality. Other projects take the problem by the other way around and have as goal to increase the resolution of di erent high-quality imaging systems. This project aims at improving the imaging quality in optical microscopy by detecting defects in the acquisition system.
To do so, the project has the goal to develop a method to identify potential aberrations that could corrupt the optical system. The idea is to realize a defect identi cation by looking at the typical response of optical system, the point spread function. This physical quantity is described by di erent well-known theories; and particularly, some works have been conducted in the BIG on this topic. This project follows the results of two of them and uses a family of algorithm named Genetic Algorithms.


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