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Department of Microengineering

We can also perform non-integer translations. In addition, we are now unraveling the part of the image that was previously hidden by masking. The resulting image clearly shows the consequence of using mirror boundaries.

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Give the input image file name (enter ? to cancel):
--> lena.img
Give the input image width:
--> 256
Give the input image height:
--> 256
Give the image origin of the x-axis:
--> 0
Give the image origin of the y-axis:
--> 0
Give the counter-clockwise image rotation angle in degrees:
--> 0
Give the image horizontal translation in pixels:
--> 54.321
Give the image vertical translation in pixels:
--> 65.432
Give the degree of the B-spline model [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]:
--> 3
Do you want to mask out the irrelevant part of the image (0: no; 1: yes)?
--> 0
Give the output image file name (enter ? to cancel):
--> result05.img

Left: 256x256 Lena input image. Right: translated image (no masking)

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