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Prof. Michael Unser


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Center for Imaging in Bio-Medecine


Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne


The biomedical imaging group pursues research on the development of new algorithms and mathematical tools for the advanced processing of medical and biological images. Topics of interest are image reconstruction, multi-modal imaging, image analysis and visualization. Research efforts are taking place at two complementary levels:

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January 2015
Ulugbek Kamilov successfully passed his Ph.D. exam entitled "Sparsity-Driven Statistical Inference for Inverse Problems". Congratulations!

October 2014
WHOW: Pedram and Viginie's won the ICIP 2014 Best Student Paper Award. The title of the paper says it all !!!
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September 2014
Ricard Delgado-Gonzalo is the happy recipient of the 2014 ABB Award "For the development of a novel theoretical framework for the segmentation of biomedical images, its validation on concrete tasks of image and volume analysis, and its implementation as a user-friendly software"
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March 2014
Erik Meijering (former BIG alumni) has a writeup (author profile) in Nature Methods.
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January 2014
Ricard's friendly active cells software is featured in an editorial of the magazine "Microscopy and Analysis".
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November 2013
Full manuscript available: An Introduction to Sparse Stochastic Processes by Michael Unser and Pouya Tafti. The book will be published by Cambridge University Press. Feel free to download it and to provide comments!

November 2013
Martin Storath has been awarded the status of GAMM Junior, a recognition of excellence by the Gesellschaft fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik. Wir gratulieren Herrn Dr. Martin Storath sehr herzlich zu diesem Erfolg.

October 2013
Ricard's spline-based software for the analysis of bio-microscopy images was described in an article that made the front page of the STI web site. You may also check the video.
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October 2013
Michael won the 2013 Education Award from EPFL's Life Sciences Section (SV) in relation to the Signals and Systems course. Many thanks to the team of TAs (Emrah, Julien, Ulugbek, Virginie, ...) whose hard work and dedication was instrumental to this success.

September 2013
Arash Amini, a BIG alumni, has been appointed Assistant Professor in EE at Sharif University, the top ranking institution for research and higher education in Iran. We wish him good luck with his new career!

August 2013
For a crash course on "Sparse stochastic processes": watch the video (Michael's plenary at SPARS'13)
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October 2012
Created a new LinkedIn group for employees and alumni. A perfect opportunity for fresh PhD students to get in touch with former fellow members. Sign-in now!
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April 2011
ERC Advanced Researcher Grant: ERCThe project "FUN-SP: A functional framework for sparse, non-Gaussian signal processing and bioimaging" started on April 1, 2011 and is funded for 5 years.
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