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Conditions:The projects are reserved for EPFL students or students of mobility program.

Project proposals

17 projects

(MVA) Generating Sparse Stochastic Processes


Master Diploma Project

(MVA) Sparse Learning with Gaussian Kernels


Master Diploma Project

(MVA) Convergence Analysis of Grid-based Algorithms for Sparse Learning


Master Diploma Project

(MVA) Poisson Sinogram Resampling


Master Diploma Project

(MVA) Sparse Signal Reconstruction using Variational Methods with Fractional Derivatives


Master Diploma Project

(MVA) Slowly Growing Poisson Processes


Master Diploma Project

Reconstruction of autofluorescence optical projection tomography


Master Semester Project or Master Diploma Project

An off-the-grid algorithm in ImageJ for 3D single-molecule localization microscopy


Master Semester Project

Shape analysis of C. elegans datasets using dictionary learning


Master Diploma Project

Signal Reconstruction Using Variational Methods Based on Lp Norms


Master Diploma Project

Statistical Model for Sparse Dictionary Learning


Master Diploma Project

Riesz Steerable Filters for Advanced Pattern Detection on 3D Images


Master Diploma Project

Phase Unwrapping with Deep Learning


Master Semester Project


Benchmarking of numerical methods for solving inverse problems


Master Semester Project

CleanSTORM: retrieving the number of emitted photons for super-resolution microscopy


Master Semester Project

Slowly Growing Poisson Processes


Master Semester Project

Image-based quantification of cell blebbing


Master Semester Project

Ongoing projects

5 projects

Two dimensional SIM reconstruction from 4 images

Christophe Muller

Master Semester Project

Image analysis plugin to monitor the growth of lithium particles in TEM images (INE lab, Tileli Vasiliki)

Hugo Vuillet

Master Semester Project

Color Thread-Toning

Icíar Lloréns Jover

Master Semester Project

Improving depth-of-field by deconvolution

Master Semester Project


Monitoring plant phenotyping by time-lapse video

Arthur Benzaquin

Master Semester Project

Completed projects

309 projects


Tracking animal behavior in neuroimaging studies

Julien Rüegg

Optimal Configurations for Parallel-Beam Computed Tomography

Martial Bernard-Michel

Steerable filters as imaging biomarkers for precision medicine

Mickaël Salamin

Deep convolutional neural networks for precision medicine

Roser Viñals

Web tools for image processing and for super-resolution microscopy visualisation

Robin Lang


Interactive B-spline demo running in a web browser

Robin Lang

Didactic demonstrations for image-processing courses in HTML5 / Javascript

Cyril Favre

Deep Learning for Image Inpainting

Arbani Amr

3D Steerable Filter Learning for Efficient Volumetric Image Analysis

Camille Boymond

Design of optimal 2D-steerable filters: theory and implementation

Benjamin Beck

Learning Approach for Image Restoration

Carlos Malanche

A study of the tip detection problem

Alexandre Cherqui

B-spline implementation to find the solution of continuous domain total-variation minimization problem

Thomas Debarre

Region of Interest Computed Tomography

Laura Vilaclara

Deep Learning for Medical Imaging (MRI)

Christophe Windler

Building a Theory for Hermite L-splines

Julien Rüegg

Super-resolution imaging using Deep-Learning

Clémentine Aguet

Resolution improvement by 3D multiview reconstruction in SPIM imaging

Katarina Lichardova

Framework for pixel classification system in time-lapse microscopy images

Julien Marengo

Sparse steerable textons

Jeremy Casorso

Active Contour for Jointly Segmentation of Multiple Cells

Aymeric Galan

Rotation axis estimation for parallel-beam X-ray CT

Claire Stoffel

Semi-blind reconstruction for Structured Illumination microscopy

Rémy Gardier

Restoring axial resolution using a 2D/3D deep convolution neuronal network

Joey Zenhäusern

Deep neural networks: learning with splines

Arnaud Pannatier


Quantification of fiber-like structures in time-lapse fluorescence microscopy images

Florian Poma

Implementation of scalable detectors in 2D/3D

Robin Weiskopf

A theoretical study of steerable homogeneous operators

Lilian Besson

Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Texture Classification

Thibault Groueix

Analysis of cortical structures from 3D live imaging of C. elegans embryos

Jean Frédéric Haizmann

Learning-Based Attenuation of the Noise of a Speech Recording

Valentin Oreiller

Data Augmentation for Deep Learning

Matthieu Cotting

Compressibility of sparse stochastic processes

Shayan Aziznejad

Texture Snake for Tumor Grading

Yann Perret

Simultaneous Phase and Amplitude Extraction in X-ray Computed Tomography

Pedro Roberto

3D Steerable Filter for Foam Junction Detection

Benjamin Beck

Java optimization package development

Sahar Hanna

Deconvolution of multi-spectral multi-frame astrophysical images

Michal Tyszkiewicz

Quantifying cell deformation with optical flow in time-resolved super-resolution

Colin Darbellay

Analysis of cortical structures from 3D live imaging of C. elegans embryos

Baptiste Sottas


Variational approaches for optical flow estimation

Christopher Finelli

Regularity of Sparse Stochastic Processes

Alireza Fallah

Image Calibration for Super-resolved Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM)

Roland Nussbaumer

Reconstruction of a 3D map of the refractive index from digital holography microscopy data

Sander Kromwijk

Self-Similar Image Doubling by Hallucinating the Lazy Wavelet

Christopher Finelli

Segmentation of cardiac images in 3D MRI

Christophe Gaudet-Blavignac

Annulus detection method with active contours

Timothée Bronner

Tracking Keratinocytes in co-culture

Arik Girsault

Texture segmentation based on steerable wavelets

Vasileios Angelopoulos

Super-resolution Image Reconstruction for Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM) as ImageJ Plugin

Roland Nussbaumer

Quantification of the host pathogen interactions by image analysis (II)

Ariane Kaeppeli

Maya (or Blender) plugin development for spline surface deformation

Romain Degoul

Corner Detection based on PDE Methods

Vermot Bertrand

Design of active contour models using NURBS

Interactive image segmentation based on the Potts model

Vasileios Angelopoulos

Physics-based active contour energy to prevent twisting of parametric spline snakes

Araz Yaqubov

Measuring ocular blood flow using steerable Hessian wavelets

Blaise Robert

Segmentation of Doppler ultrasound images for monitoring the blood flow

Brune Bastide and Axel Vandebrouck

Parametric shape representation using spline-based basis functions

Pablo Garcia-Amorena

Morphometric measurement of larvae of fish by image analysis

Luc Girod


Spatio-temporal Analysis of Biomedical Images Using Active Cells

Julien Jacquemot and Clément Marti

Scalable wavelet on biological images

Lucio Genini

Detection and enhancement of blood flow in a video

Lucas Vandroux

Refining leg-movement extraction in high-speed videos of insect locomotion

Lucas Amoudruz

Modelling mycobacteria behavior in time-lapse microscopy images

Laurène Donati

Finding strong gravitational lenses using the ESA Euclid space telescope

Emmanuel Girardin

Designing Tip-Detectors

Pritish Chakravarty

Identification of Physical Properties Obtained at Nanometer Scale by Combining Infrared Spectroscopy with Atomic-Force Microscopy

Stéphanie Becker

3D microscopy deconvolution on GPU

Sander Kromwijk

Interactive demo for Signals & Systems course

Mamoun Benkirane

Classifying galaxy type using the ESA Euclid space telescope

Christopher Finelli

Tracking flagella undulations in microscopy images

Amicie De Pierrefeu

Deconvolution in biomicroscopy

Charlotte Juillard

Quantification of the host pathogen interactions by image analysis

Ariane Kaeppeli

Junction detection in biomedical micrographs

Kilian Thomas

Flow field enhancement with divergence-free wavelets

Florence Gavin


Investigation of the multiscale (wavelet-domain) statistics of natural and biomedical images

Thomas Pumir de Louvigny

Segmentation and tracking of growing colony of mycobacteria

Olivia Mariani

Assessment of imaging performance in confocal fluorescence microscopy

Elia Ben Hamou and Edoardo D'Anna

Total Intracranial Volume Extraction on 3D MRI MP2RAGE Data

Daniel Schmitter

A practical inverse problem approach for phase imaging

Emmanuel Froustey

Object Classification with Kinect

Julien Schwab

Optical Flow Estimation under Sparsity Constraints

Emmanuel Froustey

GPU accelerated 3D deconvolution

Christophe Zurn

Swallowing Human

Benjamin D'incau

Tracking leg movements in high-speed videos of insect locomotion

Loïc Perruchoud

Java Application for the Easy Creation of an Art Catalogue

Thibault Priquel

Applet in Java for the Representation of Shapes Using Fourier Series

Lukas De Oliveira Prestes

Optical Image Compression

Marcos Gonzalez Diego

The double helix PSF: implementation and localization applications

Valentin Oreiller

Guitar-tuner app for the iPhone

David Maksa

Cone Beam Differential Phase Contrast X-ray Computed Tomography

Simon-Pierre Génot

Coil Sensitivity Estimation for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Pascal Bienz

Active Contour for the Detection of Coronary Artery in Ultrasonography

Shogo Hiramatsu

Transport-of-intensity approach for quantitative phase imaging

David Nguyen

Bounds for the MMSE of Estimation of Stable AR(1) Processes Embedded in Gaussian Noise

Seyed Mohsen Moosavi Dezfooli

Representation of Stable AR(1) Processes with Partially Coupled Coefficients in Transform Domain

Mohamad Dia

High-Throughput 3D Segmentation of Living Tissue

Julien Jacquemot and Clément Marti


Extracting high-speed insect behavior at micrometer precision

Michael Rusterholz

Using Spline Normals to Render Marching Tetrahedra

Sascha Spiegl

Artifact reduction in phase-contrast X-ray imaging

Pascal Bienz

Kinect (TM) control interface for 3D visualization

Stéphanie Falbriard

Identification of biomarkers in defocussed images

Frédéric Stauber

Image inpainting with second-order diffusion

Philippe Favre

Phase Wrapping in X-ray Differential Phase-Contrast Tomography

Laurent Abouchar

Solving Inverse Problems with Sparsifying Transforms

Bugra Tekin

Reconstruction of Signals from Sign Measurements

Ipek Baz

Radially-symmetric compactly-supported image modeling

Adrian Hauswirth

Characterization of G protein coupled receptors by image analysis

Chen Zhiwei

Biological Particles with Levy Motility

Adrien Rosselet


Detection of the Wing Structure for the Systems Biology Drosophila Fly

Jesús Ayala Domínguez

Investigation of the multiscale (wavelet-domain) statistics of natural and biomedical images

Julien Fageot

Multi-Scale Analysis of Non-Gaussian Innovation Models with First-Order Spatial Dependencies

Patrick Farnole

Visible Human on the iPhone

Mohamed Amine Barhoumi

Monitoring the Point Spread Function (PSF) of a microscope for 3D life cell imaging

Philippe Hanhart

Cell Segmentation with Coupled Active Contours

Hadrien Mottaz

Time-scaling, pitch-shifting of audio

Rafael Mosberger

Image Analysis of the Motility of Spermatozoa

Martin Proença

Image Analysis of the Morphology of a Spermatozoon

Raphaël Burgener

Applications of the monogenic image analysis

Virginie Uhlmann

Analytical Fourier samples of spline-defined regions for pMRI reconstruction phantoms

Laurent Lejeune

Speedometer on the iPhone

David Bonzon

Medical Image Segmentation with Shape Priors

Samuel Garessus

Quantitation of asymmetric mitosis by tracking the spindle poles using fluorescence images

Daniel Schmitter

Processing and analysis of biological images using the fast bilateral filter

Cléo Moulin

Estimation of the 3D structure in super-resolution fluorescence microscopy (PALM)

Patrizia Spoerri

Spatiotemporal Segmentation of Migrating Cells in Fluorescence Microscopy

Florentin Marty

Real-time stereo-matching using an adaptive bilateral filter

Oliver Akermann

Photobleaching correction in fluorescence imaging (STED)

Abdolreza Madi

Optimal signal estimators for stable Levy processes

Patrick Farnole

Identification of Point Spread Function (PSF) aberrations using genetic algorithms

Jérémy Zogg

Accurate approximations for L1 image denoising

Clémentine Ouziel

Real-Time Registration of Visible and Thermal Network Cameras

Raphael Zaugg

Interactive audio filter design application for the iPhone (TM)

Michael Rusterholz

When the iPhone Meets Fourier

Michael Spring


Deconvolution with sparsity constraints

Zafer Dogan

Efficient algorithms for vector-field reconstruction

Emrah Bostan

Disparity from multiscale monogenic phase

Christian Jaques

Analyse du comportement de déversoirs d’orage à l’aide d’imagerie vidéo

Bergem Yannick

Image denoising using dual formulations

Arnaud Le Carvennec

Morphological filtering via energy minimization

Emrah Bostan

Determination of the Orientation of Tiles in Parallel-Scanning Microscopy

Marco Parisi

Cell Tracking in Time-Lapse Microscopy

Mägli Raphaël

Collagen filaments detection

François Curdy

Image Denoising in Fluorescence Microscopy Using Several Acquisitions

Ulugbek Kamilov

3D deconvolution with non-conventional L1 regularization

Arnaud Le Carvennec

3D Nanoscale Structures in Living Cells

Youri Marko

Implementation and comparison of keypoint detectors

Virginie Uhlmann


Constrained reconstruction of fluorescent diffuse optical tomography (FDOT) data

Francis Géroudet, Master EPFL (MT)

Recalage de dendrites par plus proche voisin itéré

Eda Egüz

Active contours for segmentation of multilayered biological structures

Sambaturu Bhavani

Linear estimation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Laurent Lejeune

Bilateral spline filters for image segmentation

Anil Yuce

Image processing to facilitate Optical Character Recognition

Alexandre Tairum

Design of a new heart phantom for cardiac MRI simulations

Isik Karahanoglu

High Dynamic Range Imaging

Nicolas Augier

iSkyline (Skyline Detection)

Silvan Widmer

Estimation of Local Aortic Elastic Properties with MRI

Mustapha Al Kharfane, SV

Fast space-variant Image Filtering - Applications to Fluorescence Microscopy Images

Zsuzsanna Püspöki


Compensation of lipids signal in in-vivo MRSI using B-SLIM

María Navarro Leiva, Master Universidad de Málaga, Málaga

Data Analysis for Photonic-Force Microscopy

Amardeep Singh, Master UniBwM, Munich

Image Processing Algorithms for Resolution Enhancement

Aurélien Bourquard, Master EPFL (MT)

Lego-ball polyharmonic B-splines, and the best wavelet pool ever !

Reza Shrivany, Master ENSEEIHT, Toulouse

Fast autocorrelation calculation methods for polyharmonic B-splines

Yann Barbotin

Decision maps for tonotopic organization as revealed by fMRI

Yvette Bohraus

Evolutionary snake algorithms for biological applications

Stefan Geissbuehler

Estimation du déplacement des vagues par analyse d'images vidéos

Claire Verburgh

Système de visualisation pour la navigation à travers des très grandes images de microscopie

Francis Géroudet

Digital quantitative phase recovery from focal series of brightfield microscopy images

Cecile Bucher


Deconvolution in 3D: an ImageJ plugin

Guillaume Schmit, Master EPFL (MT)

Fitting of 3D-PSF models to fluorescent microbead stacks

Raphaël Frey, Master EPFL (MT)

Denoising of MRS Signals Using Wavelet Methods

Nicole Brüschweiler, Master EPFL (MT)

Time-course analysis of perfusion measurements in laser Doppler imaging

Alessandra Griffa, Master Politecnico di Torino, Turin

Wavelet-based methods for the solution of inverse problems and de-noising

Matthieu Guerquin-Kern, ENS Cachan, Paris

Demonstration applet for exponential B-splines

Patricia Signé (SSC)

Color image Segmentation in Optical Microscopy

Joël Leuenberger

Quantify vessels growing in the chloro-allantoic membrane by image processing techniques

Céline Di Venuto

Granulométrie de vésicules lipidiques par snakuscules

Olivier Balagué

Support vector machines for functional MRI

Daniel Boss

Suppression de structures quasi-périodiques dans le domaine de Fourier

Jean-Paul Fuchs

Etude de cellules adipeuses par analyse d'images en histologie

Sébastien Romain

Wavelet-based Denoising of 3D Microscopic Images

Saskia Delpretti

Analyse de traces de particules mobiles dans des images de biologie cellulaire

Xavier Winterhalter

Structure des noyaux de neurones du cortex somato-sensoriel

Charlie Darricau

Interpolation avec compensation des non-idéalités d'échantillonnage

Aurélien Bourquard

Functional connectivity analysis using wavelet-based statistical resampling

Robert Stachowiak

Tracking cells with snake algorithms and Kalman filter

Jonathan Besuchet


Un nuovo approccio di utilizzo della trasformata

Antonio Frutero, Master, Politecnico di Torino, Turin

Applications des contours actifs à la trajectométrie d'un museau de souris

Laurent Gillet, Master EPFL (MT)

Reconstruction 3D des réseaux vascualaires en imagerie médicale

Nicole Brueschweiler

Réduction morphologique d'images

Nicolas Blanc

ImageJ plug-in for fast denoising of noisy biological images

Ted Choueri

Quantitative measurement of chromatin condensation in 4D

Florent Cosandier

Validation of 3D PSF models

Raphaël Frey

Adaptive Wiener Filtering using Polyharmonic Wavelet Packets

Florian Vaussard

Multi-dimensional Non-Uniform Interpolation and Approximation for Robot Calibration

Olivier Blanc

Détourage de noyaux de cellule en imagerie par fluorescence

Lionel Flaction

Démonstrateur Web pour la compréhension des images numériques

Thomas Lemmin

Fractal analysis of 3-D human skin data

Patrick Schoeneich

Construction of a dendritic tree for neuroscience

Debasree Banerjee

Analysis of the myocardial wall thickness using snakes

Leos Urbanek

High-Resolution Techniques for Frequency Domain Optical Coherence Tomography

Himanshu Nazkani


Thresholding strategies for image denoising with an application to fMRI statistical analysis

Florian Luisier, Master EPFL (MT)

Connectivité corticale en imagerie de tenseurs de diffusion

David Lambiel, Master, Master EPFL (MT)

Calibration automatique pour caméra panoramique

Christophe Magnard, Master EPFL (MT)

Déconvolution en microscopie dynamique

Pierre Besson, Master EPFL (MT)

Fast Non-Axisymmetric Drop Shape Analysis

Aurélien Stalder, Master EPFL (MT)

Validation de la méthode de scoring des zygotes par analyse d'images

Antoine Beuchat, Master EPFL (MT)

Analysis of fMRI data using polyharmonic B-spline wavelets

Simplice Tchokouani, Master, MT, EPFL

Wavelet-based extended depth-of-field using hidden markov models

Alex Prudencio, Master, SSC, EPFL

Conception d’ondelettes à partir des B-splines polyharmoniques dans le cas non-séparable 2D

Matthieu Guerquin-Kern, ENS de Cachan, Paris

Texture analysis for tumor histology images

Vincent Cattin

Détection de contour avec une précision sub-pixel

Nicolas Pavillon

Reconstruction 3D des réseaux vascualaires en imagerie médicale

Jolyon Roth

Applet de démonstration pour le filtrage d'images chez Fourier

Joy Anushini Ariarajah

ImageJ plug-in for noise reduction in functional imaging data

Alex Prudencio

Mesure de position en microscopie dynamique par fluorescence

Milan Stupar

Suivi de vibrisses de souris pour l'étude du comportement sensoriel chez l'animal

Loic Segapelli

Calibrage cinématique d’un robot à 6 degrés de liberté par des B-splines cubiques

Niklaus Hugi

Analyse structurale 3D de roches fracturées : application géologique de la XRCT

Jean Keomany

Neuron tracing in 3D

Joël Arnold

Identification de glomérules par analyse d'image du système olfactif

Anna Larsson

Autostéréogrammes par B-splines

Basile Graf

Retouche d'images: suppression des lignes électriques dans les photos

Julien Reuse

Polyharmonic wavelets for a dyadic subsampling scheme

Azzabi Zouraq Salim

Trajectométrie de souris pour des études de comportement en neuroscience

Sadasing Kowlessur


ImageJ plug-in for polyharmonic wavelet transform

Cristina Manfredotti, Master, Università di Milano, Milan

Correction les effets de la PSF en imagerie spectroscopique

Mathieu Vonlanthen, Master, MT, EPFL

Generalized Daubechies wavelets

Cédric Vonesch, Master, SSC, EPFL

Nouvelle génération d'ondelettes orientables - Application à la réduction de bruit en IRM fonctionnelle

Jesse Berent, Master, MT, EPFL

Analyse d'image pour l'étude de la dynamique de cellules souches

Fabien Saint-Roch, Master, IN, EPFL

A versatile tool for 3D wavelet processing

Avo Rasolondraibe, Master, IN, EPFL

Redundant wavelet processing of fMRI data

Jean-Marc Luneau, Master, Université de Nice, Nice

Three-dimensional surface recovery from microscopy images using object model-based deconvolution

Francois Aguet, Master, IN, EPFL

Microscope virtuel à but didactique pour Internet

Chistophe Magnard

Traitement d'images en microscopie électronique pour la nano-fabrication

Christian Ban

Analyse d'une séquence d'images pour la caractérisation de traitement de surface

Aurélien Stalder

Assemblage et homogénéisation d'images pour les neurosciences

Raphaël Tornay

Analyse de texture basée sur de filtres orientables

Pierre Besson

Construction of topological maps from a series of multi-focal images

Niels Quack

Localisation de chromosomes à travers une série d'images de microscopie en fluorescence

Annick Marin

Imagerie 3D par transformée en ondelettes continue

Thierry Bernhard

Création de mosaïque d'images en imagerie biomédicale

David Lambiel

Interpolation d'images haute qualité basée sur des splines explonentielles

Pierre-Yves Schuetz

Analyse de texture basée sur ondelettes

Mathieu Vonlanthen

Traitement d'images pour la caractérisation d'ovocytes

Antoine Beuchat

Relevé de l'arbre dendritique dans des images confocales 3D

Florian Marty

Complex splines and wavelets

Florian Luisier

Modélisation des taches d'un gel électrophorétique par mixture et/ou par dictionnaire de fonctions de base

Christophe Gusthiot


Détection de molécules d'ADN avec des filtres orientables

Alwyn Fernandes

Détection de lésions hépatiques

Reza Etemad-Sajadi

Détection d'objets dans des images par une procédure d'optimisation – Application en biologie moléculaire

Dave Bergomi

Reconnaissance automatique de la texture pulmonaire

Vahid Fahfouri

Synthèse d'images et détermination de la topologie par fusion de série focale

Jesse Berent

Lissage directionnel rapide pour le traitement d'images biologiques

Philippe Portmann

Correction des déformations optiques pour une caméra panoramique

Beda Steinacher

Champ de déformation d'un coeur qui bat

Wolf Blecher

Poursuite de neurones dans une séquence d'images

Vincent Ducry

Détecteur de structure orientable et paramétrisable: application à l'analyse d'images biomédicales

François Aguet


Geodesic Active Contours and Splines

Shai Tirosh, Doctoral school, SSC, EPFL

Tracking fluorescence within cells

Nadja Subotic, Doctoral school, SSC, EPFL

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT): A superresolution method

Herbert Bay, Master, MT, EPFL

Navigation system for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Michaël Rochat, Master, MT, EPFL

Numerical Reconstruction of semi-transparent objects in Optical Diffraction Tomography

Asma Jebali, Master, MT, EPFL

Image matching in Java

Fabien Julliard, Master, MT, EPFL

Tracé d'arbre dendritique

Sylvain Anderegg

Analyse en composantes principales : application à la caractérisation d’ovocyte pour la fécondation in-vitro

Antoine Beyeler

Correction des images et réduction du bruit d’autofluorescence en microscopie par fluorescence

Pascal Geiser

Déballage de phase pour la reconstruction des hologrammes digitaux

Pande Mitrev

Détection de molécules d’ADN dans des images de cryo-microscopie électronique

Jacques Neuenschwander

Analyse d’image pour la détection de syncytia en thérapie anti-VIH

Ambroise Krebs

Détection de chocolats par Watershed

Daniel Stadelmann

Caractérisation de microstructures osseuses par analyse d’images

Pierre Roduit

Imagerie paramétrique du cœur

Rui Protasio

Détection de microcalcifications en mammographie

Céline Costamagna

3D reconsruction from multiple views

Alexandre Goy

Detection of vascular diameters by ultrasonic imaging

Roland Michaely

Segmentation and visualization of blood vessels obtained by 3D rotational angiograph

Laurent Vieira de Mello


New algorithm of wavelet transform

Gil Gaillard, Master, MT, EPFL

Mosaicing en microscopie optique

Olivier Balsiger

Transformées d'images en Java sur le web

Louis-Séverin Bieri

Movie creation from a mosaic of images

Emilio Casanova

Image Processing applied on micro-arrays for molecular biology

Sacha Haymoz

Quincunx Wavelet Transform with Fractional Filters

Asma Jebali

Zoom in Java

David Leroux

Mesure de similitude: Implémentation à l'aide d'invariants

Antoine Luisier

Correction des distorsions géométriques d'une WebCam

Philippe Margairaz

Comparaison de méthodes d'interpolation - Applet de démonstration en Java

Raphaël Marthe

Image Processing on Microarrays

Delphine Perrottet

Adaptative Spline Smoothing

Thomas Peter

Noise Reduction in Holographic Microscopy Images

Micael Rochat

Rotation chez Fourier

Patrick Servet

Functional morphological evolution of neurones in culture

Anil Swaroop


Transformées en ondelettes par décomposition en B-splines

Raphaël Ertle, Doctorate school, SSC, EPFL

Computerized tomography

Michael Liebling, Master, PHY, EPFL

Probability density estimation using spline

Tatsuhei Iwasaki, École Polytechnique, Paris

Segmentation of biomedical images and volumes

Gil Gaillard

Analyse et synthèse de texture

Svend Hoyer

Etude du langage par IRMF

Jean-Michel Pignat


Java-bases computer tomography reconstruction by filtered backprojection using B-Spline

Martin Demierre

Conception d'un snake en utilisant une connaissance a priori

Issam El Bakkouri, École Polytechnique, Paris, France

Characterisation of approximation properties of finite elements

Sylvia Garcia

Réduction de bruit dans des images biomédicales par des algorithmes pyramidaux et par des ondelettes

Cédric Glauser

Compensation of the retina motion

Mourad Kharouf

Detection of contours in biomedical images using

Bernhard Petersch

Detection of contours in biomedical images using dynamic programming

Bernhard Petersch

Characterisation of motion in a sequence of echocardiographic images

Yves Ramseier

Implementation of fractional splines filters for wavelet transforms

Olivier Saudan


Changement d'échelle fractionnaire

Mohamed Ali Mechhidan, École Polytechnique, Paris

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