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Comparison of interpolators


Compares the standard interpolations and the interpolations provided by the Biomedical Imaging Group when a rotation is successively applied to an image.


P. Thévenaz, T. Blu, M. Unser, "Image Interpolation and Resampling," Handbook of Medical Imaging, Processing and Analysis, I.N. Bankman, Ed., Academic Press, San Diego Ca, USA, pp. 393-420, 2000.

Standard methods:
  • Constant: Nearest-Neighbor
  • Linear: B-Spline
  • Quadratic: Dodgson
  • Cubic: Keys
  • Cubic: Schaum
BIG methods:
  • Constant: B-spline
  • Linear: B-spline
  • Quadratic: B-spline
  • Quadratic: Omoms
  • Cubic: B-spline
  • Cubic: Omoms
  • High Quality: B-spline 11
Instruction to use the applet
  1. Choose an input image in the list.
  2. Choose an number of rotations (iterations).
  3. Choose methods of interpolations.
  4. Press ">" to run one step or ">>" to run all the steps. Press "<" to run one step in counter-clockwise and "<<" to run all steps.
Toolbar in the image display
pointer_on Get the coordinates and value of a pixel.
info_on Get the maximum, minimum and the mean value of the image.
frame Open a new window containing the image.
zoomin_on Zoom out by a factor 2.
(N/A on Netscape)
zoomout_on Zoom in by a factor 2. (N/A on Netscape)
move Move the zoomed part of the image. (N/A on Netscape)