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Texture-Driven Parametric Snakes




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Texture-Driven Parametric Snakes

Anaïs Badoual, Biomedical Imaging Group (BIG), EPFL, Switzerland

Adrien Depeursinge, Biomedical Imaging Group (BIG) at EPFL and Institute of Information Systems, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Switzerland

Segmentation of a hair follicle Segmentation of leaves Segmentation of a squirrel Segmentation of a vacuole


We present a new active contour to segment cell aggregates. We describe it by a smooth tessellation that is attracted toward the cell membranes. Our approach relies on subdivision schemes that are tightly linked to the theory of wavelets. The shape is encoded by control points grouped in tiles. The smooth and continuously defined boundary of each tile is generated by recursively applying a refinement process to its control points. We deform the smooth tessellation in a global manner using a ridge-based energy that we have designed for that purpose. By construction, cells are segmented without overlap and the tessellation structure is maintained even on dim membranes. Leakage, which afflicts usual image-processing methods (e.g., watershed), is thus prevented. We validate our framework on both synthetic and real microscopy images, showing that the proposed method is robust to membrane gaps and to high levels of noise.


A. Badoual, M. Unser, A. Depeursinge, "Texture-Driven Parametric Snakes for Semi-Automatic Image Segmentation," Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 2019.

Open Source Plugin: AC_TextureSnakes

The method is implemented as a plugin for the Icy bioimaging platform.


Remark: Code previously tested on the Icy version


Test images

Remark: The module to compute the Jaccard index is compatible with java 8

Condition of use

The software is freely available for research purposes. However, it should not be redistributed without the consent of the authors. We expect the user to include a citation of this publication whenever presenting or publishing results that are based on the Icy plugin AC_TextureSnakes.