I left the EPFL in the end of May 2012. These pages are no longer maintained or updated.

self-portrait, July 2011

Pouya D. Tafti (Pouya Dehghani Tafti)
IPA: /pujɒː dehGɒːni (je) tæfti/ *

BIG, EPFL [directory]

PhD, Computer, Communication, and Information Sciences, EPFL, 2011
MASc (Distinction), ECE, McMaster, 2006; BSc, EE, Sharif, 2003


I finally 'linked in' in Jan. 2012. View my LinkedIn profile .

Am I here anywhere else?

random stuff

g clef generalized Lévy processes in a-minor: α-stable, Poisson; compare with (ugly) Gaussian [64KiB wav files] g clef

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