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Deformation field of a beating heart

Wolf Blecher

Fachbereich Informatik, RWTH Aachen,
Erasmus Exchange Student at Section Informatique, EPFL

June 2003

In this project I implement and compare different methods to calculate the optical flow of an image sequence captured using tagged MRI. The difference in the methods consist in different approximations for the gradient calculation. I start with the finite differences before advancing to a higher order method, the B-Splines. For each method I also compute a confidence map, which gives an indication for the feasability of the results. Furthermore I drop the Iso-Intensity assumption to introduce a contrast decay.
Original Image
Original Image
Velocity finite differences Velocity B-Splines
Velocity map calculated using finite Differences Velocity map calculated using B-Splines
Senstivity B-Splines Senstivity B-Splines with Decay
Sensitivity Map using B-SplinesSensitivity Map using B-Splines with contrast decay