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Sparse Stochastic Processes

Ricard Delgado, 2011

This app generates artistic representations of Mondrian processes. These processes are named after Piet Mondrian (1872-1944), a great figure in the neoplasticism style known for his grid-based paintings.

Choose between different colormaps and create spectacular wallpapers. Increase the complexity of the image, or let it evolve automatically. If you feel that some region of the image is too empty, tap the screen to provide your own contribution to the masterwork being created. If your modesty forbids you to expose the last square you painted, just shake your device to change its color.

If you are interested in the details of the generation of these images, you should know that they correspond to solutions of stochastic partial differential equations (PDE) of the form L{s}(x)=w(x).

iMondrian app


Gallery of Painting "Splines and Fractional Splines"

Annette Unser, 1999

Artistic representation of the fractional splines. The fractional splines are an extension of the polynomial splines for all fractional degrees strictly larger than -1.

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