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3D Deconvolution Microscopy
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3D Reference Datasets


Advanced Methods

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Sinuosidal Siemens Star

2D Siemens Star.


Object File Description Size Mb
Ground-truth ref.tif Reference dataset, simulation 256x256, 32 bits 67Mb
Simulation SIM.tif Test volume, reference convolves with the PSF, plus noise 256x256, 32 bits 33Mb
PSF psf.tif Point-Spread Function 256x128x128, 32 bits 33Mb


[1] D. Sage, L. Donati, F. Soulez, D. Fortun, G. Schmit, A. Seitz, R. Guiet, C. Vonesch, M. Unser, "DeconvolutionLab2 : An Open-Source Software for Deconvolution Microscopy" Methods, in press, 2017.

Results of LW+ - Landweber with positivity constraint

00 iterations

05 iterations

10 iterations

15 iterations

20 iterations

25 iterations

30 iterations

35 iterations

40 iterations

45 iterations

50 iterations

55 iterations

60 iterations

65 iterations

70 iterations

75 iterations

80 iterations

85 iterations

90 iterations

95 iterations

Results of TRIF - Tikhonov Regularization Inverse Filter

Regularization 01

Regularization 02

Regularization 03

Regularization 04

Regularization 05

Regularization 06

Regularization 07

Regularization 08

Regularization 09

Regularization 10

Regularization 11

Regularization 12

Regularization 13

Regularization 14

Regularization 15

Regularization 16

Regularization 17

Regularization 18

Regularization 19

Regularization 20

Conditions of use

You'll be free to use this software for research purposes, but you must not transmit and distribute it without our consent. In addition, you undertake to include a citation whenever you present or publish results that are based on it. EPFL makes no warranties of any kind on this software and shall in no event be liable for damages of any kind in connection with the use and exploitation of this technology.

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