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December 2016
. Daniel Schmitter has a paper and a video at SIGGRAPH 2016 entitled "Smoothly Deformable Spheres: Modeling, Deformation, and Interaction".
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October 2016
. Ulugbek Kamilov was a finalist for EPFL's 2016 doctoral prize and got a special distinction from the selection committee. Congratulations!!!
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July 2016
. Denis Fortun won the Best Paper Award at the RFIA 2016 conference for his work on image reconstruction. Congratulations!
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May 2016
. Zsuzsanna successfully passed her Ph.D. exam entitled "Local Geometric Transformations in Image Analysis". Congratulations!
April 2016
. Michael Unser was awarded a new ERC Advanced Researcher Grant: ERCThe project "GlobalBioIm: Global integrative framework for Computational Bio-Imaging" will be funded for 5 years by the European Research Council, starting October 2016.
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March 2016
. Michael Unser was plenary speaker at ICASSP 2016 in Shanghai. If you missed the talk, you can watch the video.
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. Emrah Bostan successfully passed his Ph.D. exam entitled "Sparsity-Based Data Reconstruction Models for Biomedical Imaging". Congratulations!
October 2015
. Daniel Schmitter won the ICIP 2015 Best Student Paper Award (1st place) for his work on new parametric 3D snake for medical segmentation. He received his award from the hands of Lena herself!
August 2015
. Masih Nilchian won the Research award 2015 from the Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering (SSBE) for his PhD thesis on high performance tomographic reconstruction framework.
July 2015
. Ulugbek's Optica paper, in collaboration with the Psaltis Lab, just got reviewed in the "News & Views" section of Nature. Check it out !
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. Daniel Sage's paper on "Quantitative Evaluation of Software Packages for Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy" has appeared in Nature Methods. It is also described in the EPFL news. More info on the SMLM challenge.
April 2015
. Masih Nilchian successfully passed his Ph.D. exam entitled "High Performance Reconstruction Framework for Straight Ray Tomography: from Micro to Nano Resolution Imaging". Congratulations!
January 2015
. Ulugbek Kamilov successfully passed his Ph.D. exam entitled "Sparsity-Driven Statistical Inference for Inverse Problems". Congratulations!
. 30 years of wavelets celebration at CIRM in Marseille. Watch Michael's account on how the Gaussian world became sparse.
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