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3D Deconvolution in Microscopy
Test dataset for algorithm validation
Bioimaging and Optics Platform [BIOP]Biomedical Imaging Group [BIG]

Synthetic hollow bars

These synthetic data consist of six parallel hollow bars. The images have been blurred using a theoretical microscopic PSF, and corrupted by Gaussian noise and Poisson noise with several signal to noise ratios (SNR = 15, 30 dB). The knowledge of the ground-truth allows one to quantatively compare the deconvolution tools.


Statistics Mininum Maximum Mean μ Std deviation
Uncorrupted 0 65635 205.59 3664.85
G10-P15 0 65635 3527.12 4294.82
G10-P30 0 65635 5817.16 7514.97


PSF Features
Type Widefield
Refractive index ni: 1.518
Numerical aperture NA: 1.4
Spherical aberration W040: 0
Wavelength lamda: 500 nm
Spatial resolution deltar: 100 nm
Axial resolution deltaz: 200 nm

Image size: 256x256 pixels

Number of z slices: 128 slices

Number of channels: 1

Dynamic: 16 bits

Image format: TIFF

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Synthetic hollow bars

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XY section
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