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Conditions:The projects are reserved for EPFL students or students of mobility program.

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Number of projects:342


Slice-based Dictionary Learning for Computed Tomography

Louis-Nicolas Douce (Supervision:bohra, unser, Thanh-An Pham,

Learning Robust Neural Networks via Controlling their Lipschitz Regularity

Moulik Choraria (Supervision:jaejun, unser, Shayan Aziznejad )

Image reconstruction for optical diffraction tomography

Mohamed Bahroun (Supervision:tampham, unser, )

Benchmarking of Proximal Algorithms for Solving Regularized Inverse Problems

Malo Simondin (Supervision:debarre, unser, )

Lipschitz Constrained Generative Adversarial Networks

Polina Proskura (Supervision:jaejun, unser, Joaquim Campos,, BM 4.141)

Analysis of tree rings patterns in dendrochronological and forest ecosystem studies

Malo Simondin (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, Pascal Turberg (EPFL ENAC IIC PIXE))

Image analysis algorithm for crack detection in walls

Rémy Dornier (Supervision:sage, unser, Katrin Beyer, Amir Rezaie (ENAC))

Deep Learning and Image Analysis to Distinguish Murine form Human cells (Prof C. Brisken)

Quentin Juppet (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Review and implementation of loss functions for image-to-image neural network

Alexandre Levy (Supervision:sage, unser, Jaejun Yoo)

Dynamic of cracks in wall based on analysis of image sequence

Emma Bouton-Bessac (Supervision:sage, unser, Amir Rezaie)

Growth of E. coli cells: simulation of images data to training of a neural network (Prof. McKinney)

Héloïse Monnet (Supervision:sage, unser, )


Higher-Order Regularization Methods for Supervised Learning

Joaquim Campos (Supervision:aziznejad, unser, )

Learning the 3D structure of proteins with dictionary learning

Stefania Konstantinidi (Supervision:donati, unser, )

Phase Unwrapping with Deep Learning

Jérome Savary (Supervision:tampham, unser, Kyong Hwan Jin)

Benchmarking of numerical methods for solving inverse problems

Zhiwei Huang (Supervision:bohra, unser, Emmanuel Soubies)

Image analysis plugin to monitor the growth of lithium particles in TEM images (INE lab, Tileli Vasiliki)

Shad Ali Durussel (Supervision:donati, unser, 2) Daniel Sage,, BM 4.135)

Reconstruction of autofluorescence optical projection tomography

Thomas Ramseier (Supervision:McCann, unser, Thanh-An Pham)

An off-the-grid algorithm in ImageJ for 3D single-molecule localization microscopy

Amandine Evard (Supervision:tampham, unser, Quentin Denoyelle)

Generating Sparse Stochastic Processes

Leello Dadi (Supervision:aziznejad, unser, )

Learning Spline-based activations for very deep learning

Joaquim Campos (Supervision:gupta, unser, )

Implementing Deep-learning-based iterative algorithm to solve inverse problem of MRI

Huy Thong Phan (Supervision:harshit, unser, Than-an Pham)

Timing correction for slow-scanning biomedical imaging devices

Luca Fetz (Supervision:debarre, unser, Thanh-An Pham)

Simulating realistic synthetic data sets for developing a self-driving microscope

Robin Lang (Supervision:sage, unser, Juliette Griffié and Suliana Manley LEB EPFL)

Dictionary Learning for Limited Angle Computed Tomography

Clélie De Witasse (Supervision:tampham, unser, 2) Pakshal Bohra,

Deep Learning for Angle Estimation in Cryo-EM

Jelena Bancac (Supervision:donati, unser, Michaël Defferrard (LTS2))

An off-the-grid algorithm in ImageJ for 3D single-molecule localization microscopy

Elias Gajo (Supervision:denoyelle, unser, Thanh-An Pham)

Quantifying cell cycle-gated expression of transcription factors by machine learning on fluorescence microscopy data (Prof. D. Suter)

Mai Yuanfei (Supervision:Anonymous, sage, David Suter)


Optimal Configurations for Parallel-Beam Computed Tomography

Martial Bernard-Michel (Supervision:donati, unser, )

Two dimensional SIM reconstruction from 4 images

Christophe Muller (Supervision:soubies, unser, )

Tracking animal behavior in neuroimaging studies

Julien Rüegg (Supervision:uhlmann, unser, )

Steerable filters as imaging biomarkers for precision medicine

Mickaël Salamin (Supervision:depeursinge, unser, Prof. Xavier Montet, HUG)

Deep convolutional neural networks for precision medicine

Roser Viñals (Supervision:depeursinge, unser, Prof. Xavier Montet (HUG), Dr. Kyong Jin)

Web tools for image processing and for super-resolution microscopy visualisation

Robin Lang (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Color Thread-Toning

Icíar Lloréns Jover (Supervision:McCann, unser, )

Improving depth-of-field by deconvolution

Cédric Schumacher (Supervision:soubies, unser, Thanh-An Pham)

Monitoring plant phenotyping by time-lapse video

Arthur Benzaquin (Supervision:sage, unser, 3) Prof. Colin Jones)

Sparse Signal Reconstruction using Variational Methods with Fractional Derivatives

Stefan Stojanovic (Supervision:debarre, unser, 2) Julien Fageot,


Learning Approach for Image Restoration

Carlos Malanche (Supervision:hanguyen, unser, )

A study of the tip detection problem

Alexandre Cherqui (Supervision:uhlmann, unser, )

B-spline implementation to find the solution of continuous domain total-variation minimization problem

Thomas Debarre (Supervision:gupta, unser, )

Interactive B-spline demo running in a web browser

Robin Lang (Supervision:schmitter, unser, )

Didactic demonstrations for image-processing courses in HTML5 / Javascript

Cyril Favre (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Region of Interest Computed Tomography

Laura Vilaclara (Supervision:McCann, unser, )

Deep Learning for Image Inpainting

Arbani Amr (Supervision:Jin, unser, )

Deep Learning for Medical Imaging (MRI)

Christophe Windler (Supervision:Jin, unser, )

Building a Theory for Hermite L-splines

Julien Rüegg (Supervision:fageot, unser, Virginie Uhlmann,, BM 4.142, Tel: 021 693 1136)

3D Steerable Filter Learning for Efficient Volumetric Image Analysis

Camille Boymond (Supervision:depeursinge, unser, Julien Fageot,, BM 4.139, Tel: 021 693 3701)

Super-resolution imaging using Deep-Learning

Clémentine Aguet (Supervision:soubies, unser, Kyong Jin,, BM 4.135, Tel: 021 693 5189)

Resolution improvement by 3D multiview reconstruction in SPIM imaging

Katarina Lichardova (Supervision:fortun, unser, Ferreol Soulez)

Framework for pixel classification system in time-lapse microscopy images

Julien Marengo (Supervision:sage, unser, Kyong Jin, Anaïs Badoual)

Design of optimal 2D-steerable filters: theory and implementation

Benjamin Beck (Supervision:fageot, unser, Adrien Depeursinge)

Sparse steerable textons

Jeremy Casorso (Supervision:depeursinge, unser, Daniel Schmitter, Julien Fageot)

Active Contour for Jointly Segmentation of Multiple Cells

Aymeric Galan (Supervision:badoual, unser, Daniel sage,

Rotation axis estimation for parallel-beam X-ray CT

Claire Stoffel (Supervision:McCann, unser, )

Semi-blind reconstruction for Structured Illumination microscopy

Rémy Gardier (Supervision:soubies, unser, Laurène Donati,

Restoring axial resolution using a 2D/3D deep convolution neuronal network

Joey Zenhäusern (Supervision:sage, unser, Kyong Jin,

Deep neural networks: learning with splines

Arnaud Pannatier (Supervision:badoual, unser, 3) Shayan Aziznejad (


Data Augmentation for Deep Learning

Matthieu Cotting (Supervision:badoual, unser, Daniel Sage)

Compressibility of sparse stochastic processes

Shayan Aziznejad (Supervision:fageot, unser, )

Texture Snake for Tumor Grading

Yann Perret (Supervision:badoual, unser, Adrien Depeursinge)

Simultaneous Phase and Amplitude Extraction in X-ray Computed Tomography

Pedro Roberto (Supervision:nilchian, unser, )

3D Steerable Filter for Foam Junction Detection

Benjamin Beck (Supervision:depeursinge, unser, Zsuzsanna Püspöki)

Quantification of fiber-like structures in time-lapse fluorescence microscopy images

Florian Poma (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Java optimization package development

Sahar Hanna (Supervision:puspoki, unser, )

Implementation of scalable detectors in 2D/3D

Robin Weiskopf (Supervision:puspoki, unser, )

Deconvolution of multi-spectral multi-frame astrophysical images

Michal Tyszkiewicz (Supervision:soulez, unser, )

A theoretical study of steerable homogeneous operators

Lilian Besson (Supervision:fageot, unser, )

Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Texture Classification

Thibault Groueix (Supervision:depeursinge, unser, )

Quantifying cell deformation with optical flow in time-resolved super-resolution

Colin Darbellay (Supervision:fortun, unser, Theo Lasser)

Analysis of cortical structures from 3D live imaging of C. elegans embryos

Jean Frédéric Haizmann (Supervision:sage, unser, 3) Pierre Gönczy)

Learning-Based Attenuation of the Noise of a Speech Recording

Valentin Oreiller (Supervision:fortun, unser, )

Analysis of cortical structures from 3D live imaging of C. elegans embryos

Baptiste Sottas (Supervision:sage, unser, )


Self-Similar Image Doubling by Hallucinating the Lazy Wavelet

Christopher Finelli (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Segmentation of cardiac images in 3D MRI

Christophe Gaudet-Blavignac (Supervision:schmitter, unser, Davide Piccini (CVMR, CIBM-Siemens))

Annulus detection method with active contours

Timothée Bronner (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Tracking Keratinocytes in co-culture

Arik Girsault (Supervision:uhlmann, unser, Daniel Sage,, BM 4.135, Tel: 021 693 51 89)

Texture segmentation based on steerable wavelets

Vasileios Angelopoulos (Supervision:storath, unser, Adrien Depeursinge)

Super-resolution Image Reconstruction for Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM) as ImageJ Plugin

Roland Nussbaumer (Supervision:sage, unser, 1) Ning Chu BM 4.141 Tel 021 693 51 43)

Quantification of the host pathogen interactions by image analysis (II)

Ariane Kaeppeli (Supervision:sage, unser, Matthieu Delincé)

Maya (or Blender) plugin development for spline surface deformation

Romain Degoul (Supervision:schmitter, unser, )

Variational approaches for optical flow estimation

Christopher Finelli (Supervision:bostan, unser, Denis Fortun,, BM 4.135, Tel: 31219)

Corner Detection based on PDE Methods

Vermot Bertrand (Supervision:uhlmann, unser, Julien Fageot,, BM 4.139, Tel: 021 693 3701)

Regularity of Sparse Stochastic Processes

Alireza Fallah (Supervision:fageot, unser, )

Design of active contour models using NURBS (Supervision:uhlmann, unser, Daniel Schmitter,, Julien Fageot,

Interactive image segmentation based on the Potts model

Vasileios Angelopoulos (Supervision:storath, unser, )

Physics-based active contour energy to prevent twisting of parametric spline snakes

Araz Yaqubov (Supervision:schmitter, unser, Pedram Pad (, Anaïs Badoual (

Image Calibration for Super-resolved Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM)

Roland Nussbaumer (Supervision:sage, unser, 1) Ning Chu BM 4.141 Tel 021 693 51 43)

Reconstruction of a 3D map of the refractive index from digital holography microscopy data

Sander Kromwijk (Supervision:kamilov, unser, )

Measuring ocular blood flow using steerable Hessian wavelets

Blaise Robert (Supervision:depeursinge, unser, 2) Prof Martial Geiser, HES-SO Sion)

Segmentation of Doppler ultrasound images for monitoring the blood flow

Brune Bastide and Axel Vandebrouck (Supervision:badoual, unser, 3) Daniel Sage, Raoul Schorer)

Parametric shape representation using spline-based basis functions

Pablo Garcia-Amorena (Supervision:schmitter, unser, )

Morphometric measurement of larvae of fish by image analysis

Luc Girod (Supervision:sage, unser, )


Refining leg-movement extraction in high-speed videos of insect locomotion

Lucas Amoudruz (Supervision:uhlmann, unser, Pavan Ramdya,, ELE 130, Tel: 021 693 69 )

Modelling mycobacteria behavior in time-lapse microscopy images

Laurène Donati (Supervision:uhlmann, unser, )

Finding strong gravitational lenses using the ESA Euclid space telescope

Emmanuel Girardin (Supervision:puspoki, unser, )

Designing Tip-Detectors

Pritish Chakravarty (Supervision:uhlmann, unser, Zsuzsanna Püspöki,, BM 4.139, Tel: 021 693 51 57)

Identification of Physical Properties Obtained at Nanometer Scale by Combining Infrared Spectroscopy with Atomic-Force Microscopy

Stéphanie Becker (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

3D microscopy deconvolution on GPU

Sander Kromwijk (Supervision:lefkimmiatis, unser, )

Spatio-temporal Analysis of Biomedical Images Using Active Cells

Julien Jacquemot and Clément Marti (Supervision:delgado, unser, )

Interactive demo for Signals & Systems course

Mamoun Benkirane (Supervision:kamilov, unser, )

Classifying galaxy type using the ESA Euclid space telescope

Christopher Finelli (Supervision:schmitter, unser, Virginie Uhlmann,, BM 4.142, Tel: 021 693 1136)

Tracking flagella undulations in microscopy images

Amicie De Pierrefeu (Supervision:sage, unser, Daniel Sage,, BM 4.135, Tel: 021 693 51 89)

Scalable wavelet on biological images

Lucio Genini (Supervision:puspoki, unser, John-Paul Ward, Daniel Sage)

Deconvolution in biomicroscopy

Charlotte Juillard (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Quantification of the host pathogen interactions by image analysis

Ariane Kaeppeli (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Junction detection in biomedical micrographs

Kilian Thomas (Supervision:puspoki, unser, Julien Fageot)

Flow field enhancement with divergence-free wavelets

Florence Gavin (Supervision:bostan, unser, Emrah Bostan,, BM 4.140, Tel: 35142)

Detection and enhancement of blood flow in a video

Lucas Vandroux (Supervision:pedram, unser, Virginie Uhlmann,, BM 4.142, Tel: 021 693 1136)


Object Classification with Kinect

Julien Schwab (Supervision:kamilov, unser, )

Optical Flow Estimation under Sparsity Constraints

Emmanuel Froustey (Supervision:bostan, unser, Pouya D. Tafti,, BM 4.142)

GPU accelerated 3D deconvolution

Christophe Zurn (Supervision:lefkimmiatis, unser, )

Swallowing Human

Benjamin D'incau (Supervision:delgado, unser, Daniel Sage)

Tracking leg movements in high-speed videos of insect locomotion

Loïc Perruchoud (Supervision:vonesch, unser, )

Java Application for the Easy Creation of an Art Catalogue

Thibault Priquel (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Applet in Java for the Representation of Shapes Using Fourier Series

Lukas De Oliveira Prestes (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Optical Image Compression

Marcos Gonzalez Diego (Supervision:bourquard, unser, )

The double helix PSF: implementation and localization applications

Valentin Oreiller (Supervision:kirshner, unser, )

Guitar-tuner app for the iPhone

David Maksa (Supervision:vonesch, unser, )

Cone Beam Differential Phase Contrast X-ray Computed Tomography

Simon-Pierre Génot (Supervision:nilchian, unser, )

Coil Sensitivity Estimation for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Pascal Bienz (Supervision:bostan, unser, Stamatis Lefkimmiatis,, BM 4.138, Tel: 351 36)

Active Contour for the Detection of Coronary Artery in Ultrasonography

Shogo Hiramatsu (Supervision:delgado, unser, )

Transport-of-intensity approach for quantitative phase imaging

David Nguyen (Supervision:bostan, unser, Daniel Sage,, BM 4.135, Tel: 021 693 51 89)

Investigation of the multiscale (wavelet-domain) statistics of natural and biomedical images

Thomas Pumir de Louvigny (Supervision:fageot, unser, )

Bounds for the MMSE of Estimation of Stable AR(1) Processes Embedded in Gaussian Noise

Seyed Mohsen Moosavi Dezfooli (Supervision:pedram, unser, )

Representation of Stable AR(1) Processes with Partially Coupled Coefficients in Transform Domain

Mohamad Dia (Supervision:pedram, unser, )

Segmentation and tracking of growing colony of mycobacteria

Olivia Mariani (Supervision:uhlmann, unser, 3) Daniel Sage)

Assessment of imaging performance in confocal fluorescence microscopy

Elia Ben Hamou and Edoardo D'Anna (Supervision:vonesch, unser, )

High-Throughput 3D Segmentation of Living Tissue

Julien Jacquemot and Clément Marti (Supervision:delgado, unser, )

Total Intracranial Volume Extraction on 3D MRI MP2RAGE Data

Daniel Schmitter (Supervision:delgado, unser, )

A practical inverse problem approach for phase imaging

Emmanuel Froustey (Supervision:bostan, unser, Daniel Sage,, BM 4.135, Tel: 021 693 51 89)


Using Spline Normals to Render Marching Tetrahedra

Sascha Spiegl (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Artifact reduction in phase-contrast X-ray imaging

Pascal Bienz (Supervision:nilchian, unser, )

Kinect (TM) control interface for 3D visualization

Stéphanie Falbriard (Supervision:delgado, unser, )

Identification of biomarkers in defocussed images

Frédéric Stauber (Supervision:vonesch, unser, )

Image inpainting with second-order diffusion

Philippe Favre (Supervision:lefkimmiatis, unser, Aurélien Bourquard,, BM 4.138, Tel: 021 693 51 36 )

Phase Wrapping in X-ray Differential Phase-Contrast Tomography

Laurent Abouchar (Supervision:nilchian, unser, )

Solving Inverse Problems with Sparsifying Transforms

Bugra Tekin (Supervision:kamilov, unser, Emrah Bostan,, BM 4.140)

Reconstruction of Signals from Sign Measurements

Ipek Baz (Supervision:kamilov, unser, Aurélien Bourquard,, BM 4.138, 021 693 5136)

Radially-symmetric compactly-supported image modeling

Adrian Hauswirth (Supervision:ward, unser, Hagai Kirshner,, BM 4142, Tel: 31136)

Characterization of G protein coupled receptors by image analysis

Chen Zhiwei (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Biological Particles with Levy Motility

Adrien Rosselet (Supervision:pedram, unser, )

Extracting high-speed insect behavior at micrometer precision

Michael Rusterholz (Supervision:vonesch, unser, )


Visible Human on the iPhone

Mohamed Amine Barhoumi (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Monitoring the Point Spread Function (PSF) of a microscope for 3D life cell imaging

Philippe Hanhart (Supervision:bourquard, unser, 1)Alessandra Griffa (Office: AI 0140, tel: 39629, email:

Cell Segmentation with Coupled Active Contours

Hadrien Mottaz (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Detection of the Wing Structure for the Systems Biology Drosophila Fly

Jesús Ayala Domínguez (Supervision:delgado, unser, Thomas Schaffter,, ELE 133)

Time-scaling, pitch-shifting of audio

Rafael Mosberger (Supervision:chenouard, unser, )

Image Analysis of the Motility of Spermatozoa

Martin Proença (Supervision:delgado, unser, )

Image Analysis of the Morphology of a Spermatozoon

Raphaël Burgener (Supervision:chenouard, unser, )

Applications of the monogenic image analysis

Virginie Uhlmann (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Analytical Fourier samples of spline-defined regions for pMRI reconstruction phantoms

Laurent Lejeune (Supervision:guerquin, unser, )

Speedometer on the iPhone

David Bonzon (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Medical Image Segmentation with Shape Priors

Samuel Garessus (Supervision:delgado, unser, )

Quantitation of asymmetric mitosis by tracking the spindle poles using fluorescence images

Daniel Schmitter (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Processing and analysis of biological images using the fast bilateral filter

Cléo Moulin (Supervision:nilchian, unser, Daniel Sage)

Estimation of the 3D structure in super-resolution fluorescence microscopy (PALM)

Patrizia Spoerri (Supervision:kirshner, unser, Daniel Sage (BM 4.135) tel 351 89)

Spatiotemporal Segmentation of Migrating Cells in Fluorescence Microscopy

Florentin Marty (Supervision:delgado, unser, )

Real-time stereo-matching using an adaptive bilateral filter

Oliver Akermann (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, Daniel Sage)

Photobleaching correction in fluorescence imaging (STED)

Abdolreza Madi (Supervision:lefkimmiatis, unser, Daniel Sage)

Investigation of the multiscale (wavelet-domain) statistics of natural and biomedical images

Julien Fageot (Supervision:tafti, unser, )

Optimal signal estimators for stable Levy processes

Patrick Farnole (Supervision:tafti, unser, )

Identification of Point Spread Function (PSF) aberrations using genetic algorithms

Jérémy Zogg (Supervision:bourquard, unser, )

Accurate approximations for L1 image denoising

Clémentine Ouziel (Supervision:bourquard, unser, Stamatis Lefkimmiatis,, BM 4.138, Tel: 351 36)

Real-Time Registration of Visible and Thermal Network Cameras

Raphael Zaugg (Supervision:delgado, unser, )

Interactive audio filter design application for the iPhone (TM)

Michael Rusterholz (Supervision:tafti, unser, )

Multi-Scale Analysis of Non-Gaussian Innovation Models with First-Order Spatial Dependencies

Patrick Farnole (Supervision:tafti, unser, )

When the iPhone Meets Fourier

Michael Spring (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )


Disparity from multiscale monogenic phase

Christian Jaques (Supervision:chaudhury, unser, )

Analyse du comportement de déversoirs d’orage à l’aide d’imagerie vidéo

Bergem Yannick (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Image denoising using dual formulations

Arnaud Le Carvennec (Supervision:bourquard, unser, )

Morphological filtering via energy minimization

Emrah Bostan (Supervision:bourquard, unser, )

Determination of the Orientation of Tiles in Parallel-Scanning Microscopy

Marco Parisi (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, Bastien Rachet,, BM 4.118, Tel: 021 693 70 12)

Cell Tracking in Time-Lapse Microscopy

Mägli Raphaël (Supervision:delgado, unser, )

Collagen filaments detection

François Curdy (Supervision:sage, unser, Alessandra Griffa, BIOP, EPFL)

Image Denoising in Fluorescence Microscopy Using Several Acquisitions

Ulugbek Kamilov (Supervision:luisier, unser, Daniel Sage)

3D deconvolution with non-conventional L1 regularization

Arnaud Le Carvennec (Supervision:terres, unser, Aurélien Bourquard)

3D Nanoscale Structures in Living Cells

Youri Marko (Supervision:kirshner, unser, )

Implementation and comparison of keypoint detectors

Virginie Uhlmann (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Deconvolution with sparsity constraints

Zafer Dogan (Supervision:lefkimmiatis, unser, )

Efficient algorithms for vector-field reconstruction

Emrah Bostan (Supervision:tafti, unser, )


Recalage de dendrites par plus proche voisin itéré

Eda Egüz (Supervision:baritaux, unser, )

Active contours for segmentation of multilayered biological structures

Sambaturu Bhavani (Supervision:seelamantula, unser, )

Constrained reconstruction of fluorescent diffuse optical tomography (FDOT) data

Francis Géroudet, Master EPFL (MT) (Supervision:Anonymous, unser, 1) Mathews Jacob, Universiy of Rochester, USA)

Linear estimation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Laurent Lejeune (Supervision:guerquin, unser, )

Bilateral spline filters for image segmentation

Anil Yuce (Supervision:seelamantula, unser, Daniel Sage)

Image processing to facilitate Optical Character Recognition

Alexandre Tairum (Supervision:guerquin, unser, )

Design of a new heart phantom for cardiac MRI simulations

Isik Karahanoglu (Supervision:guerquin, unser, Dimitri Van De Ville)

High Dynamic Range Imaging

Nicolas Augier (Supervision:guerquin, unser, )

iSkyline (Skyline Detection)

Silvan Widmer (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Estimation of Local Aortic Elastic Properties with MRI

Mustapha Al Kharfane, SV (Supervision:delgado, unser, )

Fast space-variant Image Filtering - Applications to Fluorescence Microscopy Images

Zsuzsanna Püspöki (Supervision:sage, unser, Daniel Sage)


Fast autocorrelation calculation methods for polyharmonic B-splines

Yann Barbotin (Supervision:vandeville, unser, Thierry Blu)

Compensation of lipids signal in in-vivo MRSI using B-SLIM

María Navarro Leiva, Master Universidad de Málaga, Málaga (Supervision:vandeville, unser, Ildar Khalidov)

Data Analysis for Photonic-Force Microscopy

Amardeep Singh, Master UniBwM, Munich (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Decision maps for tonotopic organization as revealed by fMRI

Yvette Bohraus (Supervision:vandeville, unser, )

Evolutionary snake algorithms for biological applications

Stefan Geissbuehler (Supervision:sage, unser, Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula)

Estimation du déplacement des vagues par analyse d'images vidéos

Claire Verburgh (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Système de visualisation pour la navigation à travers des très grandes images de microscopie

Francis Géroudet (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Digital quantitative phase recovery from focal series of brightfield microscopy images

Cecile Bucher (Supervision:aguet, unser, )

Image Processing Algorithms for Resolution Enhancement

Aurélien Bourquard, Master EPFL (MT) (Supervision:Anonymous, unser, )

Lego-ball polyharmonic B-splines, and the best wavelet pool ever !

Reza Shrivany, Master ENSEEIHT, Toulouse (Supervision:Anonymous, unser, )


Deconvolution in 3D: an ImageJ plugin

Guillaume Schmit, Master EPFL (MT) (Supervision:vonesch, unser, )

Demonstration applet for exponential B-splines

Patricia Signé (SSC) (Supervision:khalidov, unser, )

Color image Segmentation in Optical Microscopy

Joël Leuenberger (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Quantify vessels growing in the chloro-allantoic membrane by image processing techniques

Céline Di Venuto (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Granulométrie de vésicules lipidiques par snakuscules

Olivier Balagué (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Support vector machines for functional MRI

Daniel Boss (Supervision:vandeville, unser, )

Fitting of 3D-PSF models to fluorescent microbead stacks

Raphaël Frey, Master EPFL (MT) (Supervision:vonesch, unser, )

Denoising of MRS Signals Using Wavelet Methods

Nicole Brüschweiler, Master EPFL (MT) (Supervision:khalidov, unser, )

Suppression de structures quasi-périodiques dans le domaine de Fourier

Jean-Paul Fuchs (Supervision:tafti, unser, )

Etude de cellules adipeuses par analyse d'images en histologie

Sébastien Romain (Supervision:seelamantula, unser, )

Wavelet-based Denoising of 3D Microscopic Images

Saskia Delpretti (Supervision:luisier, unser, )

Analyse de traces de particules mobiles dans des images de biologie cellulaire

Xavier Winterhalter (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Structure des noyaux de neurones du cortex somato-sensoriel

Charlie Darricau (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Interpolation avec compensation des non-idéalités d'échantillonnage

Aurélien Bourquard (Supervision:balac, unser, Philippe Thévenaz)

Time-course analysis of perfusion measurements in laser Doppler imaging

Alessandra Griffa, Master Politecnico di Torino, Turin (Supervision:vandeville, unser, Prof. Theo Lasser (LOB))

Functional connectivity analysis using wavelet-based statistical resampling

Robert Stachowiak (Supervision:vandeville, unser, Nouchine Hadjikhani)

Tracking cells with snake algorithms and Kalman filter

Jonathan Besuchet (Supervision:seelamantula, unser, )

Wavelet-based methods for the solution of inverse problems and de-noising

Matthieu Guerquin-Kern, ENS Cachan, Paris (Supervision:vonesch, unser, )


Un nuovo approccio di utilizzo della trasformata

Antonio Frutero, Master, Politecnico di Torino, Turin (Supervision:vandeville, unser, )

Reconstruction 3D des réseaux vascualaires en imagerie médicale

Nicole Brueschweiler (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Réduction morphologique d'images

Nicolas Blanc (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

ImageJ plug-in for fast denoising of noisy biological images

Ted Choueri (Supervision:ramani, unser, )

Applications des contours actifs à la trajectométrie d'un museau de souris

Laurent Gillet, Master EPFL (MT) (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Quantitative measurement of chromatin condensation in 4D

Florent Cosandier (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Validation of 3D PSF models

Raphaël Frey (Supervision:vonesch, unser, Senior supervisor: Dimitri Van de Ville)

Adaptive Wiener Filtering using Polyharmonic Wavelet Packets

Florian Vaussard (Supervision:vandeville, unser, Sathish Ramani)

Multi-dimensional Non-Uniform Interpolation and Approximation for Robot Calibration

Olivier Blanc (Supervision:Anonymous, unser,,

Détourage de noyaux de cellule en imagerie par fluorescence

Lionel Flaction (Supervision:aguet, unser, )

Démonstrateur Web pour la compréhension des images numériques

Thomas Lemmin (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Fractal analysis of 3-D human skin data

Patrick Schoeneich (Supervision:vandeville, unser, Roland Michaely (LOB))

Construction of a dendritic tree for neuroscience

Debasree Banerjee (Supervision:vonesch, unser, )

Analysis of the myocardial wall thickness using snakes

Leos Urbanek (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, Michel Kocher)

High-Resolution Techniques for Frequency Domain Optical Coherence Tomography

Himanshu Nazkani (Supervision:seelamantula, unser, Prof. Rainer Leitgeb, Biomedical Optics Laboratory)


Thresholding strategies for image denoising with an application to fMRI statistical analysis

Florian Luisier, Master EPFL (MT) (Supervision:blu, unser, )

Texture analysis for tumor histology images

Vincent Cattin (Supervision:Anonymous, Anonymous, )

Connectivité corticale en imagerie de tenseurs de diffusion

David Lambiel, Master, Master EPFL (MT) (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Calibration automatique pour caméra panoramique

Christophe Magnard, Master EPFL (MT) (Supervision:arigovindan, Anonymous, )

Détection de contour avec une précision sub-pixel

Nicolas Pavillon (Supervision:Anonymous, Anonymous, )

Déconvolution en microscopie dynamique

Pierre Besson, Master EPFL (MT) (Supervision:vonesch, unser, Francois Aguet)

Reconstruction 3D des réseaux vascualaires en imagerie médicale

Jolyon Roth (Supervision:Anonymous, Anonymous, )

Applet de démonstration pour le filtrage d'images chez Fourier

Joy Anushini Ariarajah (Supervision:khalidov, Anonymous, )

Fast Non-Axisymmetric Drop Shape Analysis

Aurélien Stalder, Master EPFL (MT) (Supervision:sage, unser, Estelle Wagner, Gerit Kulik and Laura Barbieri (EPFL IOA))

Validation de la méthode de scoring des zygotes par analyse d'images

Antoine Beuchat, Master EPFL (MT) (Supervision:arigovindan, unser, )

ImageJ plug-in for noise reduction in functional imaging data

Alex Prudencio (Supervision:tirosh, Anonymous, Dimitri Van De Ville)

Mesure de position en microscopie dynamique par fluorescence

Milan Stupar (Supervision:aguet, Anonymous, )

Suivi de vibrisses de souris pour l'étude du comportement sensoriel chez l'animal

Loic Segapelli (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Calibrage cinématique d’un robot à 6 degrés de liberté par des B-splines cubiques

Niklaus Hugi (Supervision:khalidov, unser, Nuno Fazenda ME B3 484, Tel: 33824)

Analyse structurale 3D de roches fracturées : application géologique de la XRCT

Jean Keomany (Supervision:aguet, unser, )

Analysis of fMRI data using polyharmonic B-spline wavelets

Simplice Tchokouani, Master, MT, EPFL (Supervision:vandeville, unser, )

Neuron tracing in 3D

Joël Arnold (Supervision:vonesch, unser, )

Identification de glomérules par analyse d'image du système olfactif

Anna Larsson (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Wavelet-based extended depth-of-field using hidden markov models

Alex Prudencio, Master, SSC, EPFL (Supervision:vandeville, unser, Cedric Vonesch)

Autostéréogrammes par B-splines

Basile Graf (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Retouche d'images: suppression des lignes électriques dans les photos

Julien Reuse (Supervision:ramani, unser, )

Polyharmonic wavelets for a dyadic subsampling scheme

Azzabi Zouraq Salim (Supervision:vandeville, unser, )

Trajectométrie de souris pour des études de comportement en neuroscience

Sadasing Kowlessur (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Conception d’ondelettes à partir des B-splines polyharmoniques dans le cas non-séparable 2D

Matthieu Guerquin-Kern, ENS de Cachan, Paris (Supervision:vandeville, unser, )


Microscope virtuel à but didactique pour Internet

Chistophe Magnard (Supervision:langoju, unser, )

Traitement d'images en microscopie électronique pour la nano-fabrication

Christian Ban (Supervision:tirosh, unser, Tristan Bret, APL, EPFL, BM 4.108, Tel 35716 )

Analyse d'une séquence d'images pour la caractérisation de traitement de surface

Aurélien Stalder (Supervision:sage, unser, Laura Barbieri)

Assemblage et homogénéisation d'images pour les neurosciences

Raphaël Tornay (Supervision:sage, unser, )

ImageJ plug-in for polyharmonic wavelet transform

Cristina Manfredotti, Master, Università di Milano, Milan (Supervision:vandeville, unser, )

Analyse de texture basée sur de filtres orientables

Pierre Besson (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Construction of topological maps from a series of multi-focal images

Niels Quack (Supervision:forster, unser, )

Correction les effets de la PSF en imagerie spectroscopique

Mathieu Vonlanthen, Master, MT, EPFL (Supervision:vandeville, unser, )

Generalized Daubechies wavelets

Cédric Vonesch, Master, SSC, EPFL (Supervision:blu, unser, )

Nouvelle génération d'ondelettes orientables - Application à la réduction de bruit en IRM fonctionnelle

Jesse Berent, Master, MT, EPFL (Supervision:forster, unser, Thierry Blu, BM 4.134, Tel: 35172)

Analyse d'image pour l'étude de la dynamique de cellules souches

Fabien Saint-Roch, Master, IN, EPFL (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Localisation de chromosomes à travers une série d'images de microscopie en fluorescence

Annick Marin (Supervision:sage, unser, )

A versatile tool for 3D wavelet processing

Avo Rasolondraibe, Master, IN, EPFL (Supervision:vandeville, unser, )

Imagerie 3D par transformée en ondelettes continue

Thierry Bernhard (Supervision:liebling, unser, Luc Froehly, LOB, EPFL, BM 5.140, Tel: 37773)

Création de mosaïque d'images en imagerie biomédicale

David Lambiel (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Redundant wavelet processing of fMRI data

Jean-Marc Luneau, Master, Université de Nice, Nice (Supervision:vandeville, unser, )

Interpolation d'images haute qualité basée sur des splines explonentielles

Pierre-Yves Schuetz (Supervision:khalidov, sage, )

Analyse de texture basée sur ondelettes

Mathieu Vonlanthen (Supervision:vandeville, unser, )

Three-dimensional surface recovery from microscopy images using object model-based deconvolution

Francois Aguet, Master, IN, EPFL (Supervision:vandeville, unser, )

Traitement d'images pour la caractérisation d'ovocytes

Antoine Beuchat (Supervision:sanchez, unser, )

Relevé de l'arbre dendritique dans des images confocales 3D

Florian Marty (Supervision:suehling, sage, )

Complex splines and wavelets

Florian Luisier (Supervision:blu, unser, Thierry Blu)

Modélisation des taches d'un gel électrophorétique par mixture et/ou par dictionnaire de fonctions de base

Christophe Gusthiot (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )


Détection de molécules d'ADN avec des filtres orientables

Alwyn Fernandes (Supervision:jacob, unser, )

Détection de lésions hépatiques

Reza Etemad-Sajadi (Supervision:subotic, unser, )

Détection d'objets dans des images par une procédure d'optimisation – Application en biologie moléculaire

Dave Bergomi (Supervision:jonic, unser, )

Reconnaissance automatique de la texture pulmonaire

Vahid Fahfouri (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Synthèse d'images et détermination de la topologie par fusion de série focale

Jesse Berent (Supervision:forster, unser, Daniel Sage)

Lissage directionnel rapide pour le traitement d'images biologiques

Philippe Portmann (Supervision:thevenaz, Anonymous, )

Correction des déformations optiques pour une caméra panoramique

Beda Steinacher (Supervision:arigovindan, unser, )

Champ de déformation d'un coeur qui bat

Wolf Blecher (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Poursuite de neurones dans une séquence d'images

Vincent Ducry (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Détecteur de structure orientable et paramétrisable: application à l'analyse d'images biomédicales

François Aguet (Supervision:jacob, Anonymous, )


Tracé d'arbre dendritique

Sylvain Anderegg (Supervision:meijering, unser, )

Analyse en composantes principales : application à la caractérisation d’ovocyte pour la fécondation in-vitro

Antoine Beyeler (Supervision:arigovindan, unser, )

Correction des images et réduction du bruit d’autofluorescence en microscopie par fluorescence

Pascal Geiser (Supervision:jacob, unser, )

Déballage de phase pour la reconstruction des hologrammes digitaux

Pande Mitrev (Supervision:liebling, unser, )

Détection de molécules d’ADN dans des images de cryo-microscopie électronique

Jacques Neuenschwander (Supervision:suehling, unser, )

Analyse d’image pour la détection de syncytia en thérapie anti-VIH

Ambroise Krebs (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Geodesic Active Contours and Splines

Shai Tirosh, Doctoral school, SSC, EPFL (Supervision:jacob, unser, )

Tracking fluorescence within cells

Nadja Subotic, Doctoral school, SSC, EPFL (Supervision:vandeville, unser, )

Détection de chocolats par Watershed

Daniel Stadelmann (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Caractérisation de microstructures osseuses par analyse d’images

Pierre Roduit (Supervision:jonic, unser, )

Imagerie paramétrique du cœur

Rui Protasio (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT): A superresolution method

Herbert Bay, Master, MT, EPFL (Supervision:blu, unser, )

Navigation system for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Michaël Rochat, Master, MT, EPFL (Supervision:Anonymous, unser, )

Détection de microcalcifications en mammographie

Céline Costamagna (Supervision:feilner, unser, )

3D reconsruction from multiple views

Alexandre Goy (Supervision:blu, unser, )

Numerical Reconstruction of semi-transparent objects in Optical Diffraction Tomography

Asma Jebali, Master, MT, EPFL (Supervision:liebling, unser, )

Image matching in Java

Fabien Julliard, Master, MT, EPFL (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Detection of vascular diameters by ultrasonic imaging

Roland Michaely (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Segmentation and visualization of blood vessels obtained by 3D rotational angiograph

Laurent Vieira de Mello (Supervision:meijering, unser, )


Mosaicing en microscopie optique

Olivier Balsiger (Supervision:blu, unser, )

Transformées d'images en Java sur le web

Louis-Séverin Bieri (Supervision:jonic, unser, )

Movie creation from a mosaic of images

Emilio Casanova (Supervision:blu, unser, )

New algorithm of wavelet transform

Gil Gaillard, Master, MT, EPFL (Supervision:feilner, unser, )

Image Processing applied on micro-arrays for molecular biology

Sacha Haymoz (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Quincunx Wavelet Transform with Fractional Filters

Asma Jebali (Supervision:feilner, unser, )

Zoom in Java

David Leroux (Supervision:munoz, unser, )

Mesure de similitude: Implémentation à l'aide d'invariants

Antoine Luisier (Supervision:blu, unser, Antoine Luisier )

Correction des distorsions géométriques d'une WebCam

Philippe Margairaz (Supervision:kybic, unser, )

Comparaison de méthodes d'interpolation - Applet de démonstration en Java

Raphaël Marthe (Supervision:jonic, unser, )

Image Processing on Microarrays

Delphine Perrottet (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Adaptative Spline Smoothing

Thomas Peter (Supervision:munoz, unser, )

Noise Reduction in Holographic Microscopy Images

Micael Rochat (Supervision:liebling, unser, )

Rotation chez Fourier

Patrick Servet (Supervision:thevenaz, unser, )

Functional morphological evolution of neurones in culture

Anil Swaroop (Supervision:jacob, unser, )


Transformées en ondelettes par décomposition en B-splines

Raphaël Ertle, Doctorate school, SSC, EPFL (Supervision:munoz, unser, )

Segmentation of biomedical images and volumes

Gil Gaillard (Supervision:kybic, unser, )

Analyse et synthèse de texture

Svend Hoyer (Supervision:feilner, unser, )

Computerized tomography

Michael Liebling, Master, PHY, EPFL (Supervision:horbelt, unser, )

Probability density estimation using spline

Tatsuhei Iwasaki, École Polytechnique, Paris (Supervision:blu, unser, )

Etude du langage par IRMF

Jean-Michel Pignat (Supervision:feilner, unser, )


Java-bases computer tomography reconstruction by filtered backprojection using B-Spline

Martin Demierre (Supervision:horbelt, unser, )

Conception d'un snake en utilisant une connaissance a priori

Issam El Bakkouri, École Polytechnique, Paris, France (Supervision:blu, unser, )

Characterisation of approximation properties of finite elements

Sylvia Garcia (Supervision:blu, unser, )

Réduction de bruit dans des images biomédicales par des algorithmes pyramidaux et par des ondelettes

Cédric Glauser (Supervision:feilner, unser, )

Compensation of the retina motion

Mourad Kharouf (Supervision:thevenaz, Anonymous, )

Detection of contours in biomedical images using

Bernhard Petersch (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Detection of contours in biomedical images using dynamic programming

Bernhard Petersch (Supervision:sage, unser, )

Characterisation of motion in a sequence of echocardiographic images

Yves Ramseier (Supervision:kybic, unser, )

Implementation of fractional splines filters for wavelet transforms

Olivier Saudan (Supervision:blu, unser, )


Changement d'échelle fractionnaire

Mohamed Ali Mechhidan, École Polytechnique, Paris (Supervision:blu, unser, )

Deep neural network for SIM super-resolution reconstruction with a reduced number of images

Kay Lächer (Supervision:sage, unser, Emmanuel Soubies)

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